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2013 Make it Big!

I havn't updated this page in a long time, but I've been hard at work playing shows, recording mixes, studying production, and perfecting my craft. I'm currently attending dubspot for production in Ableton Live. Be on the look out for my premier EP dropping in 2013! One Love, -LoFoSho

Sept. 2010

This has been a good month, starting to gain some more notoriety, and get some more bookings. I would like to say thank you to Kappa and AE Pi for the awesome party at fieldhouse on the 23rd. Wow you guys were awesome, one of the most enthusiastic and high energy crowds I have ever had the pleasure to play for. Really you all were awesome! Oct. Dates are filling up quick, including A party my boys from Cali are flying in to catch. Aside from that I'm currently planning some collaborations with local artists in Columbia Missouri like Jayzuz, my boy Kamren, and even a D.C. rapper by the name of Sinati Pop. Big things in the works coming at you A.S.A.P.!

Whaaaat up!?

Trying out this new thing for my page, seems pretty cool so far. Lots of customization! So ya I got into a little of trouble this summer, but if anything its helped me focus on my music more. Upgrading my rig and already got some new decks. New mixer and external FX looper coming soon! Shit is going down, Look out for your boy bustin back out on the scene as school starts back up. Until then be on the lookout for new mixes and videos. You can help me by becoming a fan, recommending the page to friends who dig music, and booking me =). Until next time Peace motha fuckas!!