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Emissions Of Hypocrisy now available on Pre Order

MELT mastermind Sebastian Komor has quite the musical pedigree, having been an original member of legendary EBM act Icon Of Coil along with a slew of his own projects, remixes and production work. Under the moniker MELT, Komor creates a raw, aggressive blend of full on guitar industrial rife with electro-EBM hooks and machine-gun rhythms. Emissions Of Hypocrisy shows once again that Komor’s talents are not confined to any one subgenre.

01. The World Is On Fire 02. Destroy 03. Full Of (Sh)It 04. Worm 05. Kill Switch 06. Where Is Your God? 07. Everything Is Dead 08. Sleepwalker 09. Crush 10. In Your Head 11. Digital Truth

Genre: Alternative Industrial Rock

First gig. August 14th

MELT will perform for the first time as a fully equipped band: 3 guitars, drummer and synths. You dont wanna miss this one. The whole show will be filmed using HD cameras. Make sure your ass is there to rock out with MELT.

Starlite Room - Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA.