NEW EP to be released in June!!

We will be releasing our newest edition to our collection in JUNE. An EP titled "STILL I RISE" will feature three songs we recorded with MARK LEWIS at AUDIOHAMMER STUDIOS in Sanford Fla. and was Produced by DELIVER US FROM EVIL and Co-Produced by Mark Lewis and Eyal Levi from DÅÅTH.

"It was an amazing experience. We learned alot from Mark and hope this EP convinces a label to give us the cash we need to record our second full length......which is already written.......with Mark as well." - Drummer Alex Morgan's statement in an interview.

These three songs will really show the difference it makes for the band with a second guitar player. And seeing them live is a sight to behold.

Where to buy BEHOLD A PALE HORSE-Our first album and other info

Locally you can go to Coconuts and JOES RECORDS on either the east or westside of evansville.

Online we are on itunes, napster, amazon, and the rest of tune cores publication.

You can find our myspace @ www.myspace.com/deliverusfromevil You can find alex on FACEBOOK @ www.facebook.com/strych9productions and our youtube @ www.youtube.com/playtillibleed

New .com website coming soon as well at www.dufemetal.com