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Doniki: New Solo Album Coming Soon Title "The Best Of Doniki"!

What more therefore can be said of Doniki , the Singer who nurtured his talent amongst the tenement yards of Trenchtown and then refined it by the Hard Working People In Waterhouse.Well this is the artist who has been rated by the biggest set of musicians over the years as Reggae’s most underrated Artist. This is the singer that the most High profile Artists, greet with “yes mi singer “with a sincerity not always displayed nowadays. The Artist’s , Artist!

Doniki is not out to claim any title, ask him and he will simply tell you he is one of Selassie I Warrior’s fighting on the battlefield. Dennis Brown never asked to be called the Crown Prince of Reggae, nor Bob Marley to be called The Reggae King. So we will just leave it to history to decide on a Title, but there can be no doubt on this Singer’s Talent, Just take a listen to the MySpace player. No hype here.