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At What Cost?

Hey folks...here's another new Lauzon/ Mulveney/Lauzon collaboration, this one a Mulveney composition, also sung by Jim, with brother Gus helping out in the backing vocals department. I hope you enjoy "At What Cost?"

The Long Walk

Hey folks...yet another Mulveney/Lauzon collaboration, this one a Mulveney composition with brother Gus Lauzon contributing in the lyrics department. This one, entitled "The Long Walk" is another historic piece dealing with a sad chapter of American history back in the 1830's when hundreds of Aboriginal people were forced at gunpoint to march hundreds of miles to their "new home", with the result that many died en-route....so many in fact that it has resulted in a current genetic predisposition in these people to a high sensitivity to light so that they are now forced to wear sunglasses during the day....and are now referred to as "Children of the night" I hope you enjoy "The Long Walk"

Rob Sinasac
Rob Sinasac  (almost 2 years ago)

Den/Jim....The Long Walk...Great song....well done.
My fav.
Rob S

New tune

Hey folks....I posted this tune by my sister Denise a while back. This version is more in a "new country" vein. I hope you like "Your Affair"

Waiting For Godot

Hey Folks!...It is said that, as a guitarist, if you want to "go outside of the box" compositionally, try a different tuning. Recently, I did just that, but I was actually trying out a different tuning for CSN's "Suite Judy Blue Eyes". In doing so, I hit upon a guitar part which I thought was interesting...and lo and behold, it soon became a song based upon a play in the "theatre of the absurd/existensialist" genre entitled "Waiting for Godot". Written by Samuel Beckett back in the 50's, in essence, the play deals with 2 characters who wait....and wait....and wait....for someone called Godot. (who ...coincidentally never shows up!) I hope you enjoy "Waiting For Godot"


Hey Folks!...Some years ago, while teaching world religions (YEAH..i did that in another life! :) ) my class watched a movie entitled "Seven Years in Tibet" At the time we were studying Buddhism and this film served as a jump-off point for some very good lessons on Buddhist concepts, not the least of which is COMPASSION, a topic on which the current Dalai Lama lectures continually. Set in the wartime period, the movie is a true account of a very self-centered and exceedingly egotistical Austrian mountain climber who, through a series of mishaps actually meets the current Dalai Lama as a young boy. Over a period of seven years they become close friends, and the climber, Henrick Harrer learns some very valuable lessons...in particular, thoughtfulness, mercy, generosity and most importantly ...COMPASSION. I hope you enjoy this latest Lauzon/Mulveney collaboration entitled "Compassion"

"New" tune

Well....I decided to take the new Dobro out for a spin, and I figured THIS tune, "Storm is a Comin' " would be the perfect "vehicle" for it...I kind of feel like it came out not too bad...Not quite up to Jerry Douglas standard of playing yet ...or Duane...*lol* ...but...not too bad all things considered. ....see what you think.

New Tune

I recently had the pleasure of watching an HBO series entitled "Sonic Highways" starring Dave Grohl and The Foo Fighters. The basic premise of the series is that the band travels to a half dozen or so "music Meccas" in the States, places like Chicago, Nashville, Austin and so on, and they soak up the musical culture of that place and then compose and record a song in a renowned/historic studio. The song then, supposedly REFLECTS the musical culture of that place...at least ...in theory. One of the critiques of the series (and the album that came out of it) is that several of the songs do NOT in fact reflect the musical culture of the various locales (in other words, the song recorded in Austin might well have been recorded/composed in Seattle) However, if you are at all interested in the history of North American music, the series is well worth watching. ONE installment which particularly fascinated me was the New Orleans installment. It quickly became evident that music OOZES up through the pavement in that city, the birthplace of SO MANY musical legends...people like Louis Armstrong, Fats Domino, Little Richard, Doctor John, Al Hirt, The Neville Brothers and Trombone Shorty to name but a few. Of course, it is a well known fact that "The Crescent City" also gave birth to Dixie Style Jazz, the precursor of ALL jazz. One thing I found particularly fascinating was the New Orleans tradition around FUNERALS!. Typically, the remains of the deceased are marched through the streets in "parade" fashion, the coffin accompanied by a Dixie-style band playing very somber/reverent music ...at least until the body is interred, after which the music gets VERY lively, and a celebration of the life of the deceased ensues....much like an Irish wake, but seeped in Bourbon and gumbo. THIS song was a direct result of having watched that installment. Entitled "Ole Man Death Come A Knockin' " it is very much in the tradition of a Negro Spiritual which relates the story of a very elderly man who knows his days are numbered. He finds himself worn out and blind for all intents and purposes and he's ready to "meet his maker". I hope you enjoy it.

Somethin' to Play

Hey folks! ...Here's a little Philly-style soul for ya. This one's called "Somethin' to Play". It's about rediscovering the joy in life! Thanks to Dean Haddad for some awesome sax work!

Let Her Fly

Hey Folks...Here's the latest Lauzon/Mulveney collaboration...Jim takes lead vocal on this one. It's called "Let Her Fly"...a simple little story here: "Dude...She says she still cares about you, but she's tired of being taken for granted and feeling unloved!...Let her fly and see where she goes!...And if she never comers back to you, she was never yours!" Enjoy!

Your Affair

Well Folks, Upon hearing the original version of this, some record company execs felt it didn't have enough "twang" for a "country" song. ...So...here's the NEW mix, which should satisfy their need for "twang"