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Kick off of Summer Sessions at Commonground Wellness Center


NO Soulful Showcase April 24th/ Anniversary event May 1st

AJ Java is closed for remodeling. The 15 year Anniversary is being held at Curious Comedy located at 5225 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97211- 8pm

Proposal For International Music Exchange in Jamaica

Anything that you can contribute to this effort is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance. If you would like to donate to this effort please send me a message here, or email me at blacquebutterflypdx@gmail.com. Blessings

What: This proposal for an International Music Exchange with Darlene Solomon-Rogers, Talilo Marfil and Wren deVous. We will host a contest for Jamaican artists to win a free music video. We will create a large network of MCs, beat makers, musicians and artists of all genres. With a focus on hip hop, we will establish locations and contacts for future workshops and educational opportunities that would benefit the Hip Hop Congress in establishing a new chapter in Jamaica.

The top 5 choices will have their songs played on the radio in Portland Oregon. The number one winner will receive a basic music video and the option to travel to Portland with support for bookings. At this time a contract will be written out regarding shows traded and exchanges made. Artists must have an established following and a pro EPK ready for promotion and for bookings purposes. If the winner can fund a trip to Portland, Oregon - RLM will supply: Bookings, social media support, tour management, logistics coordination, international document information, and travel information.

When: Winners will be chosen by April 2 and the video shoot will be conducted by Wren, Talilo and Robert between April 3 – April 6, 2016.

Where: Montego Bay and Kingston, Jamaica – mostly targeting local venues and the Universities with fliers which will establish future contacts for hip hop workshops while also scouting for local talent.

Cost: $1000 – includes round trip airfare, all travel expenses, along with food and lodging.

How (Getting the word out - Promotion): Social Media: With an online presence, in particular, a Facebook event, promotion will spread through our established network along with sponsored ads in Jamaica. We currently have a graphic designer working on the media. Street Team: Distribution on 11/17 posters in all major cities. This will be accomplished through personal connections already in place in those areas. Networking: Connecting with local artists, producers and supporters will help spread the word. Butterfly, Talilo and Wren will also be performing 2-3 shows during the week in order to establish meaningful comradery with local artists.


Hello All :-) There is a date mix-up on the site. The Nubian Jam is July 28th.. The notice says its the 1st. That blast went out in error. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Blessings.

What a week and its not over...:-)

This has been a powerful and amazing week. I cant wait to see what tomorrow (Friday) holds. I have a show with the legendary singer, songwriter and activist Peter Yarrow. I feel blessed and highly favored! Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement. Welcome 2012.. Blessings Blacque Butterfly.