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I'm going to preface this by making it aware that this is not what I would consider to be my best writing job. I do however think that it's completely awesome to have had a small piece syndicated through the interwebs!

Singled Out: Machiavillains

Today Patrick Willse from the Machiavillains tells us about "Tirades Injustice" from their brand new album "Natural Selections". Here is the story:

This song is loosely based around a recapitulation of how my circle of friends seemingly imploded. They fell in and out with each other, always with much regret; a state of affairs that I in no way have found myself immune. Now I find myself in a more weathered position. When I saw so much more energy and potential for life years ago compared to now, I thought we were invincible. Since then camaraderie has fallen though it stays strong among a tiny handful of us. So in an effort to express this cocktail of mixed emotions I started with a C Major chord and resolved it to E flat major. This movement of chords and the lyrics that accompany it represent to me a defiant optimism toward the loss of innocence. We are more mature now, we can see what works and what's broken in our lives is similar to what's broken in our country. Culpability and responsibility are not always pleasant and more often than not people try to find ways out of both by resolving to do nothing. We cannot idly accept this status quo in our personal or public affairs.

People should not be forced to suffer or perish because of miscommunications and misunderstandings compiled with apathy, animus and greed. We see too much of that behavior these days, I'd like to think that it's something that we can change that would make

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Hello and welcome the Machiavillains' Reverbnation blog that P dub is only filling out to give himself a sense of achievement for the day. Small things like this add the page completion bar!

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