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Summoned Tide / Blog

On the road to Wacken Open Air and Sabaton Open Air

We spent this past Easter weekend, the 4th of April in Gävle, and played in the national final of the Wacken Metal Battle Sweden. We went down the day before to rest up and prepare in peace. Unfortunately, Jennifer couldn’t make the trip this time and was replaced by Alexander Hermansson, an amazing bass player from Strange Brew. He did really well and was almost like our mascot on this journey. The resistance of the evening came from HOG based out of Stockholm, Ground Zero from Borlänge and Circle of Conspiracy from Västra Götaland, an incredibly strong lineup where anyone could’ve won. The gig went well for all the bands. After we played there was only the nervous wait until the jury had agreed upon the winner and came up on stage to announce it in front of everyone. The jury's motivation was that "this year's winner of the Wacken Metal Battle Sweden has shown great musicianship and stage presence from all members. This close-knit band delivers emotion, message, good tunes and the gig was a real experience. The jury is united and we believe that you will go all the way at Wacken Open Air. The winner of the Wacken Metal Battle Sweden in 2015 is Summoned Tide! " Anna Rolander, jury Chairman and manager at 666Songs Our next adventures will take us on the road again to Wacken Open Air and Sabaton Open Air – Rock City Falun later on this Summer thanks to the victory in Gävle.

Wacken Metal Battle

We have taken part in Wacken Metal Battle Sweden. Among 163 bands that applied we was chosen as one of 16 who competed last night. Four bands in four venues spread out geographically in Sweden. We competed in the most northern venue of them all, more or less on the arctic circle. The competition last night was a success for Summoned Tide. We will take part in the national final of Wacken Metal Battle Sweden the 4th of April where the winner will represent Sweden in Wacken Open Air s world final for unsigned bands. MIKK manager

New Year & New Possibilities

New Year & New Possibilities New Year & New Possibilities Will 2014 be that year? Today we don´t know how it will be but our focus are that this our 10th year as a band will be the breakthrough year on a wider field than so far. It sounds strange concerning that we have already been on Sweden Rock Festival and also played in some other important Swedish festivals. But we want more. We want to go Europe and actually go global. But to make this true we need backups like a band booking management or be signed to a record company. But first of all will we compete about a slot at Wacken festival. We are one of 16 bands in Sweden that compete in the competition Wacken Metal Battle Sweden. We will play our semifinal in Östersund the 8th February and if we win there we will go to the national final in Falun the 15th march. The price for that winner will be to play at Wacken in their Wacken World Final among 30 bands from 30 countries, get a slot at Sabaton Open Air in Falun, record deal with Nuclear Blast and supported with equipment by Marshall . But it is a long road to go… We will also take part in a big local event in April. Our musicschool celebrate their 55th anniversary. We are one of the bands, constellations that will perform that night. Other music celebrities from our municipality, like Frida Hyvönen, Josefine Forsman from Sahara Hotnights for example, will also support that event. We are very proud to been asked to play at that event. It is a big opportunity to spread our music to new groups in our hometown.

CHRISTMAS WISHES and some reflections

OUR WISHES FOR 2014: Have a lot more gigs than this year. This year was a broken year because that Nicklas, our ex drummer, left us in February just after we decided on both doing a video and a US east coast tour

Do some recordings f.e. an EP. We need new material and think that you out there want it to

Record a video early next year. Now will we arrange so we will have a winter theme video produced

Play on 3 bigger festivals, it could be in or outside Sweden

Make a longer tour, we haven´t decided where yet. It is a matter of money of course and if we can find a support

Find a serious management that can see our potential and wants to work with us. This could be great because they have door openers to our wishes above.

CAN YOU BE HELPFUL? Do some of You have the contacts that we need to fulfill our wishes and hopefully yours for the next year?

SOME FUCKING DAYS! During the last weeks we have been fucked up by an unserious booker. They wanted to book us on Christmas day to a gig on south on the Swedish east coast. They even offered us a small nightrider with driver and even more. We see a lot of potential in their offers, but when we start talking specific topics and wanted to get in phone contact with them there was always a lot of problems. So we decided last Friday to stop discuss with this fuckers and realized that there was some kind of scam or fraud. On the positive side we all can stay with our families and near ones to celebrate Christmas

Nu spänner vi bågen

Vad händer för oss just nu? Just nu har vi klarat av 3 fantastiska festivalspelningar i Juli o Augusti. Först ut var att få spela som sista band på Stadsfesten i Skellefteå. Vi spelade förvisso inte på den stora scenen där Magnus Uggla och Petter var huvudakter utan på scenen bredvid. Direkt Petter spelat klart så avslutade vi kvällen med ett entimmes gig. Det vra en helt otroligt bra respons från alla som var där. Vi hade för dagen trummisen Simon bakom skinn o pukor. Nästa var att stänga ner premiärkvällen på Trästocksfestivalen efter Johnossi. Rickard gick ut hårt och sedan ökade vi under de 60 minuter som spelningen varade. Vi fick en hel del nya fans denna kväll där den som rest längst var från Mexico City. Dagen till ära så hade vi den helt otrolige trummisen Ryan O´Shea bakom skinnen. Det han inte fixar det finns nog inte Sist men inte minst – Hardnone Metal fest i Haddingen. Vi gick med på att spela tidigt trots att mindre etablerade band fick spela efter oss. För oss var det guld eftersom då fick vi till en bra bandfest trots att MIKK, vår manager var frånvarande. Detta var den festivalen under sommaren som vi kommer minnas längst. Speciellt med tanke på alla lovord som vi fått och alla nya fans som vi fick efter detta. Någon hörde av sig att detta var det bästa han hört under samtliga Hadnone som han varit på och det var visst alla festivalerna. Skinnbehandlandet sköttes denna kväll av Henrik Roslund, som bl.a. har ett förflutit som trummis i bandet som an bildade med Tommy ReinExeed

Men nu spänner vi bågen och väntar på att bokningarna ska trilla in. Det är tomt i dagsläget men vi skulle vilja ha ett 20-30tal spelningar innan årsskiftet

SUMMER or what have happend so far during summer

SUMMER or what have happend so far during the summer.

We have played at two bigger festivals in the town Skellefteå, Stadsfesten and Trästock (Swedens answer of WOODSTOCK). We have been successful in that way that we have been given the task to close the festivals. Stadsfesten were we tha last band out on the whole festival and on Trästock we closed the opening night. We didn´t have the mayor stages but we was in the right place for all passing people and our fanbase have grown since this gigs. This Sunday our manager read about a Mexican guy who have found Summoned Tide thanks to Trästock. So now have we another new fan in Mexico and some of his friends to. It is great to play at festivals because you never know where people come from and who they are if you not get in contact with them. During this two festivals we have used two different drummers and we are satisfied with both of them. Now are we starting up the planning for next festival where we play, Hadnone Metal fest, the 24th of august. We will combine this gig with a bandparty, but first after that we have shown all the metalheads there that the cradle of Metalmusic in Västerbotten is standing in Robertsfors.

We are also looking for possibilities to take a European tour during the fall. So If you have any names of bookers or venues, share that info with us and help us spread the word.

Rock on and stay Cool in the Sun \m/

Whats up with Summoned Tide?

Whats up with Summoned Tide? Drummer issue - Since the last blog we have tested all three drummers several times and we are very happy with all three. They are all highly qualified as drummer for us and we will continue our work with all three in different shapes. For example one wants to be a backup drummer and that’s good for us. Because one of the other two will be a father in August and the seconds are a student. Gigs – It has been very empty in the booking so far. But now we can see a trend change. During the last week we have been booked for two gigs and been asked about a third. If this will continue we will have a full agenda for a long period within a couple of weeks Help from You - If we could double or triple our fan base with all Your help we would been more interesting for financial backups in form of scholarships, sponsoring etc. And to succeed with that we need YOUR help. If you could invite 2 or 3 friends to our places in the social media we have accomplished that. And I think that You have at least 2-3 friends that could be interested in our music. So please take some minutes and help us growing. We want to be on the road touring instead of sitting here. Our music are better LIVE than on radio.

Update from Summoned Tide Whats happening?

Update from Summoned Tide Whats happening? DRUMMER So far have we been in contact with six drummers that have showed interest to be the replacement after Nicklas, who have left the band. We have tried out two of them. Henrik, one of them we have tried out, have declared that he is interested to be a backup drummer and not be a permanent one, to begin with. We have also two others that we will try out during the upcoming week. Both of them have been playing in other bands. We have been very clear about that our drummer must put us in the first room and other commitments in the second room.

We hope that we in the nearest weeks can present our new drummer

GIGS NATIONAL AND ABROAD We have been in contact with a big number of festivals both in Sweden, Europe, USA, India and South America. We haven´t got any response yet about that. But as You can see we have been more and more clear about that we are ready to tour for a longer time. And we also have told the drummers that they should have that in mind if they want to play with us.

I think the main problem for organizers in southern Sweden to book us depends on that we live far away from them. They see the distance as a problem when they look on it from their point of view. And we on the other hand don´t see the distance as a bigger problem. The time in a bus will merge the band tighter together. And hopefully will they realize that the one to decide the distance must be the traveler.

I think that we are in lane for a tour both in Europe and USA during the year. Now I have to find solutions to cover the costs for travelling. Do You have any ideas about sponsors please send them to me // MIKK

Tankar från en snögrotta!

Ja inte sitter vi i en snögrotta direkt. Men rent vädermässigt så skulle vi kunna göra det. Hur är temperaturen på Summoned Tide? Vi har fortfarande ögonen öppna för att få oss en trummis. Vi har träffat tre stycken hittills, en av dem ville inte bli permanent trummis utan han ställer sig till förfogande om vi behöver ha en back up trummis både innan vi hittar en permanent trummis och förhoppningsvis vill han finnas med som sådan även om vi hittar en. Vi har träffat en kille vars bagage till Sverige var dyrare än hans egen biljett, och då är det inte kläder vi pratar om. Som det ser ut så har vi faktiskt löst den akuta problematiken kring trummis. Namn på den eller de aktuella kommer att släppas när bandet och trummisarna är klara och överens om att det är dags.

Vi väntar på att få svar hur det går i tävlingen Wacken Battle Sweden och om vi blir utvalda till någon deltävling. Om allt stämmer så ska vi ha svar på detta under denna veckan. Nu gäller det att hoppas att vi faller Lunkan & Co på läppen så att vi får visa dom IRL vad vi kan leverera

Men vi undrar vart alla inbjudningar till spelningar har tagit vägen. Det känns som om vi har ett för stort spam-filter som tar bort dem. Eller kan det vara så tokigt att vi inte fått några?

Summoned Tide till Wacken Open Air?

Summoned Tide till Wacken Open Air?

Det vet vi inte något om i dagsläget. Men däremot så har vi anmält oss för att vara med i Wacken Battle Sweden 2013 För fjärde året i rad drar tävlingen Wacken Metal Battle Sweden igång i Sverige. Wacken Metal Battle är tävlingen för oetablerade band där vinnaren får spela på Europas största metalfestival, Wacken Open Air, i Tyskland. I år arrangeras tre deltävlingar (Falun, Göteborg och Stockholm). Den stora finalen avgörs den 25 maj i Stockholm.

Wacken Metal Battle startade 2004 när Europas största hårdrockfestival Wacken Open Air ville ge nya okontrakterade band chansen att få spela för en stor publik. Sverige är med för fjärde året. Vinnarna får spela på den gigantiska tältscenen Bullhead City Circus på Wacken Open Air i augusti 2013. Det är den största metalfestivalen i världen och har funnits sedan 1990. Wacken Open Air hade drygt 75 000 besökare i somras, och var som vanligt utsåld lång tid innan. Årets festival, Wacken Open Air 2013, var utsåld redan i september 2012. Den stora finalen i Stockholm äger rum den 25e maj i Stockholm. Där koras vinnaren som får spela på Wacken Open Air. Som bonus får vinnande bandet även spela på Rockstad: Falun i augusti. I deltävlingarna och på finalen kommer en branschjury bestående av musikjournalister, metalmusiker samt beslutsfattare inom musikindustrin att utse det vinnande bandet. För mer information: http://www.metal-battle.com/ och klicka sedan på den svenska flaggan. https://www.facebook.com/WackenMetalBattleSweden