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2003 EP for remix, transferring to digital

@SugarHillStudio finishing up A/D transfers for the 2003 @DIM_Houston EP. 13 years later and the analog 24 tracks still sound great. Would like to thank engineer Jeremy Rojas, great job!

To the tune of CF "Mexican Radio"

We'll be on Mexican Radio: Friday May 1, 22.30hrs (Mex) Metal Corrosivo will feature our music. http://metalcorrosivo.wix.com/radio

Facebook issues

We are currently having issues with our Facebook account, if you need to contact us please go via our website: http://www.descentintomadness.com or through http://reverbnation.com/descentintomadness

Thanks to Broken Neck Radio for playing us

Drop by at http://www.brokenneckradio.com/requests.html and request us. Thanks for the support!

Found our old IUMA site

You can listen in to our first lineup EP: https://archive.org/details/iuma-descent_into_madness

"Blindfold" reviewed by Grim Tower

"The effect comes off as a much heavier version of Lacuna Coil or current Tristania but with a much rawer production approach. Everything is discernible though and should appeal to those who are looking for a much more aggressive approach to the Gothic metal style. This is a sort of progressive thrash metal that certainly seems to merit qualities that could shake up the current standard-fare of it all. Jennifer's operatic approach to vocals adds that "gothic touch" to this prog/thrash mixture which I am surprised has not been attempted by more bands in the past. It's the refresher we need."


This Sat. on Killing Fields

Tune in this Saturday - we'll be playing one of our new songs on the Killing Fields show@DHR_RADIO. Show starts Sat 8pm EST, that should be 7pm Houston

"Blindfold" available on Amazon.com

For those that want to purchase our mp3 via Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Blindfold/dp/B00C6F8UWC/ref=sr_shvl_album_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1365446544&sr=301-1

Latest EP up for sale on Emusic


We are featured in Recording Magazine Reader Tapes

Here is the article, also you can see the artwork for our upcoming album: