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"The Voice"

Big news!!! I auditioned for the television show "The Voice" and I made it through to the next phase!!! This could be great!! I'll continue to keep you all posted!!!

WOW moment!!!

Welcome back readers!!!! slash fans!!!!! so I am with my producer Jim Vest at his house and in the front door walk country music hall of fame member David Chamberlin!!! this is the guy that wrote songs for George Strait and som other small time acts like that!!! (haha) and we are sitting there talking and shootin the shit and listening to some new songs of his and the Jim introduces me as one of his acts. then we start talking about that. so now we are listening to my music and then jim tells me to sing one of my new ones!!! long story short, David Chamberlin and myself sat down there for about an hour and wrote a new song called "Love's amazing" WHAT A WEEK!!!! I HAVE GOT TO MOVE TO THIS TOWN!! THE BODINE OUT!


So I left Baton Rouge yesterday to come to Nashville Tn. and the ENTIRE way through Alabama i was stuck in the horrible weather!!!! and when i say horrible i mean i thought i was gonna wake up in never never land..... but i am here now and going to the Opry tonight!!!!! stay tuned for more developments along this trip!!!! thanks for reading and stay sexy!!!!


So I will be in Nashville for about a week looking for a place to rent until I am ready to buy.... meanwhile i will be working with some song writters and trying to let the people of nashville know that" I AM HEAR TO STAY AND I AINT NEVER GONNA LEAVE!!!" HAHHA