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Need a rythm guitarist?

Hi all, the guns band has now gone by the wayside so im looking to join a fresh band that has a bit more committment to gigging, my number is 07896 005503

New material on the way

Hey, im finishing my cover set next week in a Peterborough based recording studio, i have some Van Halen & more Satriani covers on the way, keep yer posted

Hi all, considering upgrades for my jem77fp

Im off to see Jaden rose next week to talk about upgrades to the 77fp, im considering a paf pro in the neck, a breed at the bridge and 2 new 1meg pots. but Jaden has a range of guitars with different pickups for me to try, hes really trying to get me into a tone zone, never tried one, but i wil have soon.