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The places we've played part 2

Shows in 2011 1. Our most recent show was this month on 5-20-2011 @ Whispers in Aurora Co. With a very good local band Synapse. This show was a special one cause it involved bringing in a new member to FUTM, Jeremy Atkins and it was also special due to the fact that Faces hadn't played out live in almost 9 years! 2. Another great show with our friends Synapse. The turnout was great and F.U.T.M. finally received a review! The show went smoothly til an electrical issue arose. Facehaven left the stage for a few short minutes to find that the problem that almost cancelled the remainder of his set fixed. Mark Passmore (Sound Guru for Synapse), figured out the solution and Facehaven continued as if nothing happened. The show went on with Synapse finishing the night off with an Awesome croud-pleasing set! 3. November 4th at The Lion's Lair was the Highlight show of the year for F.U.T.M. Playing with 2 National acts Red This Ever and The infamous Deadhand Project. First up was FUTM playing a great set and ending with a special unheard version of their top song Revenge! Red This Ever came up and had a level of interaction with the audience that I haven't seen ever. They were great and very friendly. Deadhand Project was the headliner for the evening and came on hard and heavy rocking the Lion's Lair and showing how it's done. Facehaven ended up doing the lighting for both bands and even his own while on stage. Overall the show went phenomenal!

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The most recent was on the 24th of March 2012 and marks one of the biggest show faces has ever been a part of. It involved having Faderhead (Germany) as the headliner. Faderhead kicked some ass and they were very friendly and put on a loud slamming performance. Synapse, (from Denver) rising up in the ranks to be a national act very soon. They even had their lighting specialist Mark P bring in an amazing light set up and did lighting for all three bands, which was very much appreciated. Synapse came on and bum-rushed the audience with a tight live set, great lighting and an all around awesome vibe. These guys are great and some of friendliest people I know in the Denver band scene. Faces Under the Mirror (from Denver) with guest musician from the industrial rock band Die Brucke joined Dj Facehaven on stage as the live keyboardist for the set. Faces hit it hard and gave it their all and not without a lot of positive feedback from the audience. People were hovering at the edge of the stage for their whole set which was a well come sight for Faces! The show was tight, fluid and just all around fun. faces is looking forward to more shows in Denver with Synapse and maybe some out of state shows in the near future. Now to work on getting a cd put together! to be continued...

The Places We Have Played Part 1

0. Our first show all though small was at a small dance club/ spiritual shop out in Arvada called "The Rising Phoenix". We played with Aegrosomnia ( Burn Circut) here . 1. Our first real public show was at the " Cricket on the Hill" We played with 3.0 & Burn Curcuit at this venue. This show was fun as hell, and at the end of the night we all got up on stage and did some improv!

3. Our third and fourth shows were both played at "The Church" night club, courtesy of "Pure Drama" which were the house band on Goth Sundays back in the day..

4. We also played one and a half shows at " The Lion's Lair". The first show was a bust due to miscommunication about the setting up of the show. Neesless to say we ended up playing at the House of another local band named "Emergence". The sad part is they had a better light & sound system than te "Lair" had at the time. The show was fun and went pretty well, although in private with few attendee's Our next show at the " Lion's Lair" went pretty good. We played with "The Bedraggled" and another local band. There were also 2 or three shows played at Heimie's Pub off Parker road, where we played with Emergence, Pure Drama, Hazy Swirl, Burn Curcuit and maybe a few others that I can't recall. The sound was done by the guys from "Sodomy of Christ" a local Goth Metal band. We played At "7 South" which is now " The High Dive", with a Portland goth band named "Written in Ashes". The Sportsfeild Rox is another venue we played at, the best show of the 2 was the one we played that Crypto Star showed up late and they ended up sending them away. The reason this worked out for us is because we were able to play almost all of our stuff and people liked it and were dancing. My kinda croud... We played 2 shows at " The Bug Theater" as well. The other bands consisted of 3.0, Burn Curcuit, Mama's boy, Dialectics, and Erotic.. We liked this venue cause there were sets up behind us the enhanced the mood and the lighting was cool. These shows were layed back and a good time. Jeremy, (our manager at the time), shared one of his songs on stage with us as well There were 2 shows that we played at " The Bluebird". These shows were some of my favorite. The first one we played there we played with hell Camino and Hanging Thomas. This was a good show minus the drama about set times. We ended up getting more time which pissed one of the other bands off so they started crap talking. I didn't stay and watch they're set due to the lack of respect they showed, otherwise I would have hung around.

The second Show was the Industrial Revolution show set up by Christophe of "Vox Demona" Aka "Cranberry". We played with 3.0, Burn Curcuit, and a buch of other bands at this show. This by far was are best show. We brought a lighting rig, we were tight from practice and we rocked it! Some of the people from the scene that were there included, Charles from "Seraphim Shock", Cranberry, Dj Demon (Doug). I think Catastrophe and Christ were there, Throat Culture, Thommy from Erotic aka Thommy Razor, Carlos and Melinda of 3.0 and a bunch of others..

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