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Currently looking for Band members Especially a good drummer that can handle some double kick and has excellent timing. Need a full band to accomodate the need for live perfomances here in ausitn for local Alternative Rock/Industrial scene as well as possible touring in the future. Definitely need an articulate bass and Guitar player as well as a keyboardist that can multitask and que samples via laptop and controllers. Have done the one man task for a while now but the need has now expanded to a live nature. If you're in the Austin Area and think you'd be up for the task and recording sessions, send me a message here or personal email musicsymbiant@gmail.com. Thanks all, really appreciate the help. Des

Far Away

Far Away is a song is a union of politics and personal experiences with people and scenarios. It is about investing time for nothing. Much like we're doing with our own nation when it is being run by some greedy people that don't represent or work for our country at all but rather represent the New World Order and the unregulated centralized bank called The Federal Reserve who's focus is to get us into more debt and suck us dry of every cent earned!!! A shame really. What was one union is now subconciously divided as we as a people can do nothing from fear of our current police state.

The song "Isolated"

Isolated is very personal to me and very impacting from my heart and tainted soul. I say this because it is in memory of Jill Erica Smith. My loving friend, and a loving mother of her daughter Hera, and beloved daughter of her parents. This song was written as i was discovering the frustration of being a musician and encoutering her death. Rest In Peace Jill.

The Circumstance of Existence

The circumstance of existence, in and of itself, is disheartening. That is why it is necessary to do art. Art is an essential response to the conditions of existence, a means by which limitations are transcended, Reality is Realized, Truth is Realized, Light is found. Without that activity there is nothing but this intrusion of changes and death. Participation in an art form should be at least as great as that art form. Art should change you. That is the whole purpose of it. True art heals. True art restores equanimity. Art must regenerate the sense of well-being. That is its true purpose. When art is really useful, it serves this ultimate process of healing, well-being, higher sympathy, and Spiritual Awakening. Avatar Adi Da Samraj Comment ┬ĚLikeUnlike