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The story behind the name -dead horse*

In the past, I have tried to explain how I picked the name 'dead horse*' for my band with little success. I keep going back and changing, or adding another story. The truth is that the name has many meanings. In this blog, I hope to nail down a few of my intentions, explanations, reasons. and excuses.

1. When I first came up with the name I was learning mostly Grateful Dead and Neil Young and Crazy Horse cover songs.

2. What's the point of trying to becoming a successful cover band anyway? dead horse is a credo to remind everyone to focus more on having fun and not try too hard until we have something of our own to say.

3. The name represents a cynical "just shoot me" scoff at my lack of success at keeping a band together long enough to reap the benefits of all the rehearsals, and accumulation of gear.

4. "horse" is slang for heroin and dope is deadly. Many young rockstars have proven this. The name is a reminder to stay away from it.

5. Ever since I started playing music, "they" have told me that forging a successful career in the music business is so hard it's like beating a dead horse.

6. At the end of a string of all night shows my voice could be described as "dead hoarse."

7. My first car was a cherry red '68 Mustang. I try not to imagine still having it.

8. I don't sell cars, I drive them into the ground.