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Fantase B ♫ / Blog

Twitter is hacked

my twitter followers have been on 359-360 for the past 2 years and i know its the PIGS who keep deleting people who add me . Listen 2 my new song STORIEZ and u will hear the whole truth and nothing but the truth God BLess x

NOT Accurate Video/Music Plays

I've noticed for the last couple of weeks ( probably been going on for longer ) My music/video plays ALWAYS on the same .Music plays been on 4030 plays 4 a long time and ive had atleast 200-300+ plays but it only went up to 4040 plays ?!!?My video views always on 1753 and the daily plays seem 2 ALWAYS b on 17+ views but somehow it NEVER changes or gets updated. Come back again 2morrow and see 4 yourself. that my numbers remains the same ,It never changes nomatter how many plays/views i have .Even my FB likes keeps going Down ??? i just updated my twitter status about this & guess what ?? my FB likes went down from 447 till 441 !!! So its VERY obvious certain people are on my page ( this happened b4 on myspace aswell) , manipulating my numbers to make me look like im " not that successful" i just took a photo of this , so i will keep updating about this , Then u will B able 2 see with youre own eyes that my numbers on this page are NOT accurate . I will continue to take pics of my stats everyday with the date and time so u will b able 2 see that im not making this up . I even wrote 2 Reverbnation about this , but i still haven't heard from them! Some people are real sore losers ..... poor them ... I will pray for these haters ... Oh well I guess with success comes haters !!! & belive me I have PLENTY OF THEM , i don't mind a hater , if they man enough 2 hate in my face , but pathetic people who sit and hide behind their computer screens manipulating my nr , LOL I don't even know what 2 say about that , thats lower then low of the lowest low lifes ..... Real talk watch the updates with pics about this on my blog . http://www.fantaseborhany.wordpress.com

Update : 21:40pm My FB likes increased to 443 now it decreased again to 442 . seems like the lowlifes don't wanna give up , but im more stubborn then them i am taking pics and the time is showing in my screen .. so u can see the pics soon enough on my blog ... I guess prayers don't work on evil people

UPDATE August 13th 0.20 am : I don't know if yall noticed but the 2nd of august ( after i wrote this blog input ) Reverb was INACCESSIBLE for the whole day " Updating their system" did anyone notice any difference in ANYTHING ?? i sure didn't apart from my video views STILL being on 1753 for almost 2 weeeks even AFTER i wrote about this BS about my views are NOT accurate , so many scum bags who wanna see me fail , because they are SORE BAD Loosers hoping if they can control my "likes" and views i will eventually get tired and "Give up" hahaha Good Luck suckers , not even in youre wildest DREAMS , will that happen , NEVER EVER . They can't stand the fact that im STILL standing & glowing without anyones help. Karma WILL serve them , thats a fact ! Look what happened to myspace after they fucked with my numbers , they died a slow painful death .... Dont take ure (temporary) success for granted .. You ain't greater then God.

Nevada Breeze Fitnessgravity
Nevada Breeze Fitnessgravity  (about 3 years ago)

Hey Fantase - I got held up on your page reading through your messages. I am fairly new 2 Reverb but I've been doN music 4 a century now. I am a writer, performer & producer with a musical Fitness program that is being endorsed by my Publishers. I'm old school. Not only do I want the low low on Nicki Minaj since she is following me on a couple of my systems. I thought is was a compliment but after some signs I got from yo video & that Goddess Naive chick on this Reverb system, I'm beginning 2 think... "she not followN because she likes...she's followN because she bites!" Ouch... I hope not. Secondly, I have 2 noticed some weird stuff with the calculations since I started a 2nd Reverb pages in the Children's section. I share your passion 2 change the world & let every1 know whats really goN on. When I read the details, I said 2 myself... that's something I would have done! Nevertheless, I sent out the following direct message 2 many of my Reverb fans a couple days ago in which I wish 2 share with U2: (It's a long 1 too!)
Hey yall!!! I just figured out a way 2 make working this system EZ 4 us! We don't have 2 much time 4 this cyber stuff cuz we R constantly BN pulled back N2 the studio!.. where we Blong!... sooooo... Rule #1... make sure all artists U fan have a "Fan Setting" blue bar. If not, RE-FAN them! (U might have 2 fan them back a couple of times so keep checkN) Try 2 make this part of your practice by goN back no more than 1 full page on your "fan page" once it has been filled... Rule #2... fan all back who fans U (this is a job, not a grand opening!)... Rule #3... if we make this system grow, then mayB they (Reverb) will 2 by inviting (advertising 4) more average folk 2 this platform so that we can really C where we R... as long as U remember the 1st 2, we R kooooool!.. tell a friend! We Ain't GoN Out With A Bing, cuz we rather go out with a BANG!.. even the wisest man wouldn't B so wise if he didn't share his wisdom… so let's work 2-gather! much luv from Nevada Breeze & Fitnessgravity
Hey Fantase - the moral of this massage is that I believe Reverb is behind the confusion 2 control who & what... NONETHELESS, greatness is greater than jealousy & no 1 can stop that! Like U said "God knows U" & that's good enough! The rest is history... Peace out & much luv & success from NB


With me Kurtis Blow , Hotline and many many more of some of the hottest international UG rapperz , Click on the video with the Airplane image on my page now 2 watch me spit in persian the video is over 8 minutes long make sure u watch all of it ;)) GOd BLess Stay UP!


forgive me 4 using so much profanity in my freestyle video. But sometimes u gotta fight fire with fire . U treat people the same way they treat you nothing more , nothing less . youre cool with me im cool with you , but if u try disrespect me in subliminal ways , betta believe U gonna hear me bark ! Only God Can Judge Me However i am fully aware that i might be inspiring certain souls to engage in negative pursuits , But i advise you to never follow other people , follow youre own heart and wisdom. I simply did this video to let the copycat know im not the person she should b testing , am i going to physically hurt her ?? No im not .... i just added a lil color and fantasy to it ;) Hey thoughts are free right ??

SoLodified  (over 3 years ago)

I like hoe you want all of us to use our own brains :) Nice work M'aam!!

Can't Sign on 2 my BLOG

ARRGGHH Im so furious , i can't sign on to my blogger account and for some reason the verify option where they send you youre password 2 youre cell phone won't come uP! and i can't even sign on to the email attached to this account , so annoying and frustrating! I have not been able to update my blog because of this for over 3 days! my apologies for this but hopefully i will hear from google soon and see what they can do to solve this.


Read my new blog on http://www.myspace.com/fantasebee About the satanic sect illuminati.....

R-syn  (about 5 years ago)

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