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Listen to Life.Life is a lesson.Theres no need for stressing.Think with your head.Not with your heart.Thoughts with your hearts end up in heartbreaks and later regrets.Blaming others for what you wanted at some point and time.Now it didn't work out and your clueless.You cant get it right unless you listen to life and people in it.Watch for clues to a better you.Life stories are in conversations.Listen.Wisdom is learning when its necessary to speak.I was always told growing up ''If you cant say anything NYCE say nothing'' The elders in our lifes are not speaking for thier health.But for your life and health and well being.Start listening to life and youll be in a better place then regrets.Youll then be more thankful of people and situations met.You cant move to the next chapter unless you fully understand the chapter prior to it.Life is like a book.You are being read to all you have to do is LISTEN to get the whole BIG PICTURE.So just LISTEN!!! @3/25/12 Nyce

''My Thoughts'' My Upcoming CD!!!

My testimony,my life for your entertainment !! Stay tuned.Buy my ringtone ''A Mother's Love'' for a Mother in your life.Remember takes nothing for granted.Lifes a lesson and a blessing.Much love and Peace.Nyce.

''A Mother's Love''

Mothers of the world deserve recognition .Because raising a child takes lots,lots love and patience.All the glory goes to God.Continued Blessings.Peace.