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Too Much to Remember

My multi media ebook novel, Too Much to Remember is available on itunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/too-much-to-remember/id858804721?mt=11 A novel with a soundtrack of original music by BudaRest. Contact me j_j_jax@yahoo.com for Android or Kindle versions.


I am currently with BudaRest www.ReverbNation.com/BudaRest.

Without You, There Would Be No Me

Me: A crazy girl who quit college to join the circus.

You: Didn't discourage me. Traveled around the country to be at my performances. Made fans out of all your friends. Bragged about me like I was every bit as awesome as your friends' kids who became doctors and lawyers.

Thank you for that.

Me: A crazy woman who, seemingly at random, decided to buy a drum set and take up drums.

You: Came with me to buy the drums. Put up with all the racket. Didn't call me crazy...at least not without smiling about it.

Thank you for that.

Me: Became a drummer in several different bands.

You: Listened to the band drama. Reminded me that I didn't always have to take it. Reminded me that there were better things around the corner when it got to be too much. Came to my gigs. Made fans out of all your friends. Bragged about me like I was as awesome as all those doctors and lawyers.

Thank you for that.

You: Even when you didn't understand, you encouraged. Even when you didn't agree, you didn't discourage. Even when it wasn't convenient for you, you didn't stand in my way.

Me: I hope you feel it was all worthwhile. It's meant the world to me. It means the world to me. I will continue to make you proud and prove that there is a method to my madness.

Thank you for always being there, my wonderful family. Without YOU, there would be no ME.

The World Keeps Turning

Hard to believe it's nearly a year since FBI's final performance. While there are things and people I miss about it, I realize the world will keep turning. And so must I, if I don't want to fall off :).

My new band Sweet Turbulence, www.reverbnation.com/SweetTurbulence, just passed the 7 month mark. We are picking up steam and getting noticed. We spent yesterday evening in the studio and will soon be filming our first music video.

But apparently, the world turns a bit faster for me than most...

Just before hooking up with talented performers, Dan Stoppiello, Jill Docking, and Eric Hines (a former FBIer), I started collaborating with nationally acclaimed artist Bud Buckley, www.reverbnation.com/budbuckley. After writing two songs in 36 hours, we realized we had something special.

We have since written over 20 songs and are currently working on a multi media project which will incorporate a novel I wrote called Too Much to Remember. More exciting still, BudaRest will be combining talents with Sweet Turbulence in the studio.

When Bud asked me what we should call ourselves, I half jokingly said, "How about BudaRest?" To my surprise, he liked it.

To promote our project, BudaRest, www.reverbnation.com/budarest, performed at the Coffee Loft with some story telling about the book and the songs that go with it. Our performance got us an interview on KDW Radio, www.kdwradio.com, which led to talks of our own show, Artistic Mashup with BudaRest, which will debut in the fall.

And the world keeps turning....

BudaRest  (about 5 years ago)

Yeah the world really is turning faster these days, Jax! I'm enjoying the ride.

Invaded by Mars

Due to an increasing work load, our dear Jimi has made the decision to leave F.B.I. After a few tears, hugs, and heart to hearts, we maintain that not only will Jimi's imprint forever remain on F.B.I., but the best ingredient of this band remains intact: Our strong, and lasting friendship. So, don't be surprised by sitings of Jimi and Jax at Starbucks, laughing out loud over coffee, or shopping at Giggles.

A hard habit to break, we fully expect...and look forward to Jimi and his green guitar making guest appearances. After all, where else will Jimi get to wear his green go go boots? On the other hand, we are talking about Jimi, lol.

Meanwhile, new guitarist Erock is already making his mark. We fully intended to ease him in gracefully, but when a sudden twist of fate dropped a weekend gig at The Gator Club into our laps, on the same weekend that Jimi was to be out of town, Erock rose to the occasion. His only concern? “I hope I don't let everyone down.” I'm happy to say he didn't.

New Beginnings

Our show at The Loading Zone in Arcadia was lots of fun. Sorry, no video this time. My /husband/roadie/videographer was doubling (quadrupling?) as bodyguard. We didn't actually need one though. Despite a few second looks at Jimi's lime green go go boots from a couple of the audience members, we found the Arcadia crowd to be warm and welcoming. We had a blast. Last night was also Barry's last performance with us. Though Barry initially came on board as a fill-in, it was hard not to grow attached not only to his awesome bass playing, vocals, and professionalism, but just to him personally. We will miss him. We wish him well on his new gig with popular band Someone From Somewhere and will stay posted on their performances. That said, we are pleased to welcome Bri into our family as the new bottom to FBI. Please join us at Bri's debut performance with us at Honoluana in Venice, this coming Friday, June 11th from 7 PM to 11 PM. Hope to see you there.

Just Another Episode...

I've learned not to stress out over things I have no control over. Yesterday, only hours before our gig, Cat called to tell me she had tonsilitis. I was in Walmart at the time and on my way to a family function. Nothing I could do for several hours but let the wheels turn and hopefully not the stomach churn. Throughout the day there were several texts back and forth, set list rearrangements, and scrambling to figure out what songs everyone could sing, etc., but I never panicked. Somehow I knew the fates would be good to me...or already have by blessing me with professional bandmates who always rise to the occasion. We managed to pull off the evening successfully and it was possibly the most fun I've had so far at a gig. We even winged a couple of brand new songs that were either spontaneously suggested by Barry or segued into by Jimi without warning, lol. He likes to do that. Anyway, it worked. And did I mention, we had a blast?

You Can't Make This S**t Up!

Well, it's been 9 months now since I set out to assemble a band of girls who can rock hard. It hasn't been without a few hurdles, but then nothing worthwhile ever is. There is a reason for everything. And everyone who comes into our lives even if only temporarily has meaning and purpose. First there was lovely Vivian, who left before the band got off the ground, but before leaving, she brought me beautiful Jenn, and wonderful guitarist Jimi aka Jami, who I shall here on in refer to simply as J. In addition, Vivian and I forged a friendship that has continued and hopefully will for a long time to come. Cat came shortly after and only weeks into our union became like a little sister to me. Due to personal issues with family and time management, we've had to muddle through without our beautiful bass player for weeks at a time. It hasn't been easy, but together, Cat, J, and I have found a way to continue to move forward. We are grateful to Barry for stepping in. Barry is an awesome bass player, who after only 2 or 3 rehearsals was able to play full 4 hour gigs and add great energy and diversity to F.B.I. Okay, so he's not a girl...and he refuses to wear the blonde wig I offered...but the same thing that makes us a novelty, also makes each member hard to replace...well, that, and they are just special in general. Through all the changes we've met some wonderful people who have cheered us on and even expressed eagerness over joining our little family. While my dream would be for us to move forward with our original foursome, I realize that F.B.I. has taken on a life of its own and will continue to forge ahead either way. We are currently under consideration for our own TV show. Wish us luck. Who will provide the bottom to F.B.I.'s sound? A. Beautiful, Elusive, Jenn B. Talented, clean cut, Barry C. Fiery novice, Edie D. Soft spoken, sweet, Transgender, B E. All of the Above Stay Tuned...

Beautimusless but still swinging...

What a great night Friday at Honoluana in Venice. We packed the place. Felt a bit strange playing without our Jenn, who is away tending to a sick relative. But Barry did an awesome job. Thanks, Barry. We played a few new covers as well as a couple of new originals. This week we will tackle the pile of originals waiting to be worked on. Thanks everyone for your continued support and those of you who've actually been requesting to see us at different venues around town. We did get a call from the new Daiquiri Deck on St. Armands and The Loading Zone in Arcadia. Plus we will be back at Honoluana on April 22nd 7-11, The Open Road April 23rd 1-5 and The Cock n Bull Saturday April 30th right after our debut at The Flying Dog Cafe April 29th. I honestly can't say which of these I am looking forward to most.

6 Month Mark

It just dawned on me the other day after about the third time I claimed we've been together only 4 months, that it's actually been 6. I can hardly believe it. The months flew by. By the same token, so much has happened in a short period of time. We've been together 6 months and been a working band for 4 of those months. I guess time does fly when you're having fun...and when you're trying to catch up to your reputation. We crammed a lot in and took a few shortcuts...but we've worked hard not to disappoint. We continue to grow as individuals and as a unit. There is a part of me that's excited and curious to see what the second half of the year holds for us. The other part is just living in the moment, grateful for all we've had so far. I guess anything else will be icing.