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Howard Hicks January 16 at 11:02am Some times in life we fill like walking out of our bodies but after listing to Jerry Butler & awesome singer's like Jerry Butler we decide to hang around a little longer.You will never know just how much your love for music means to all of us that could not carie a tune in a pale of water. I know there are a number of gifted singers that never made it out of your shower's (((But we would like to thank all you that did. although you did not make it to the top (((You have blessed us that did hear you beyond measure. Jerry is one country singer that will have a high seat with all them country singer's that has gone a head. (((But while we have them here))) Let us enjoy them by saying (((Thank you))) & by listing to their gift that could only come from above.I would like to say a lot of these unheard of singer's are as good or better than those that has. (((It is all in advertisement & a determin talent singer or performer.))) Thank you Jerry Butler and all other talented singer's that did not make it as high as you might of wanted to. (((But we love you for getting on the lader so we could enjoy your clime.

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Hi, in a musical world influenced by everything from it's past and confused about it's future. you have created an originally addictive genre, desperate to emerge and beautiful to behold... Fan: Benjamin, (2011).


Jerry Butler Country Glad I have Known You Jerry Butler Country - the sound and taste of original Country just the way it's supposed to be - pure and honest and from the heart, not at all surprising knowing the miles that this gifted and talented singer/songwriter/guitar playing artist from way back when has traveled over the years and the company he has kept on countless stages along the way. "Glad I Have Known You" is a great song Jerry ... the lyrics paint a heartfelt reflection of love and affection complimented in their entirety by the warmth and strength of your vocals. Keep 'em, coming my friend!! added to station 10/23/2008 12:47:45 AM

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ReflectiveRespect: Jerry Butler Country Glad I have Known You Brother Jerry, I got to tell you honestly, I don't do country. But, by God when I heard this one I changed my mind. Honestly, I enjoyed the message of "One Way Ticket" and have profound respevt for where you are coming from in that song as I'm well over 50 and am constantly aware of the same reality as reflected in that song, however, i picked this song because I thought it would be approriate if I used you own words to say that "Jerry Butler, I'm glad that now, I have known you. Thank you sir for your submission and country flavor to my station. It was a tough decision, I truly respect them both but, I prefer this up tempo, contemparary style of country. Well done Jerry, respect!!! added to station 10/26/2008 6:26:58 PM

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