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Xclusive Verse Challenge

Dotti Presents: Xclusive Verse Challenge Dallas, Texas, August 26, 2010 – Dotti, who is one of the newest forerunners in Urban Christian Music, has broadened his path by reaching out to various Christian recording artists across the world. The trailblazing performer is on a quest to find the best talent in the ever-growing market of Christian, Inspirational, and Gospel Music. Dotti is set to release two unfinished recordings entitled “Break it Down” and “Not Ashamed”. The challenge is for additional artists to complete the compositions. The unfinished song files will be available for download on Dotti’s God-Conscious.com profile and a choice of social networking platforms. Each artist participating in the challenge will download the unfinished file, record a verse or two, and then email their completed version to info@god-conscious.com. All artist are also encouraged to upload their version of each record on God-Conscious.com, along with other popular websites such as: YouTube, FaceBook, and ReverbNation. Aspiring artist are encouraged to participate in this opportunity, as the members and affiliates of www.god-concsious.com are always looking for “The Next Big Thing”! Xclusive Verse Challenge Downloads Break It Down - http://www.mediafire.com/?6ncm42ck4367zam Not Ashamed - http://www.mediafire.com/?fmb5qmmidvg1fff Visit Dotti on God-Conscious.com http://www.god-conscious.com/profile/dotti

God-Conscious.com- Ministry, Music, and More...

Since it's official launch date of August 1, 2010, God-Conscious.com has become an international social network for believers. Those that just simply love the Lord and desires to live a God Conscious life come together with others that serve through ministry of spoken word, music, poetry, and more to create a collaborative environment for spiritual encouragement, accountability, and the love of Christ. Members of God-Conscious.com have collectively coined the phrase "I AM God-Conscious" by posting these words along with a link to the website on Facebook, Twitter, and various other social networks in popular culture, taking a stand in their belief that God is forever present and as believers we should acknowledge Him in our lives, our music, our ministry, and everything that we are involved with. Dotti, urban missionary and a God-Conscious.com artist and founder, recently released his sophmore album taking the name of what has now become an international movement, "God Conscious". The album release debuted with an enormous response. The album release concert served an overflow of new fans with a live performance of the album. Hundreds of spectators received a complimentary copy of Dotti's "God Conscious" album release at this free concert as a "Thank You" for worshipping with God-Conscious.com, Dotti, and other ministry guests. Currently God-Conscious.com is planning events that uplift and encourage believers and witnesses to those that have not yet received Christ as their Lord and Savior, while also booking and presenting Dotti and the "God Conscious" presentation at various churches, schools, and other venues across the nation. God-Conscious.com and it's founders intentionally make effort to provide community events and service opportunities that represents the message of Christ in content and in action. We ask that you to stay connected or get connected with God-Conscious.com. Create your own personal profile and get involved with the community. Let's build the Kindgom of God together. If you would like a copy of Dotti's "God-Conscious" album. They are being mailed as a "Thank You" gift to anyone who wishes to donate on the God-Conscious.com website. To book Dotti at your church or minsitry event, email info@god-conscious.com Visit Dotti's God-Conscious.com profile at www.god-conscious.com/profile/dotti

What's Up World

We had a crazy album release on August 1st...the place was packed, believers and non-believers in one building...some couldn't even get a seat. The band was on fire, the singers were awesome...our guests Chozen and Anointed Flames did their thing. But the best part was when the Holy Spirit fell in that place...75+ young people hit the alter, everyone was worshipping...lives were changed. This is what it's all about people! Life changing experiences with GOD... As far as Dotti, the God-Conscious movement, and Beta Phi Chi Christian Fraternity/Sorority, Inc...we are just going to continue to do ministry as the Lord leads...pray for us as we will pray for you. Dotti