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We represent the way of Jesus Christ!

We represent the way of Jesus Christ!

HIS Character...............HIS Instructions!

He Said Go Into the earth and make Disciples! WOW, the Great Commission! That is what we do! Yes we sing, we DANCE, we PRAISE, we WORSHIP, and we make that JOYFUL NOISE to JESUS our LORD and SAVIOR. However for so long we’ve taught people how to look "SAVED" and not really live it to the fullest. That is what KHMIC does and believe to our core, we spread God’s word all over the world through building healthy relationships with each other, which in turn helps our relationship with Christ, grow! Christ uses our relationships with each other to disciple us.

Paul was discipled 15 years before his ministry launched. Jesus was 30 when he began teaching to the nations. Even he was discipled by the Holy Spirit! To be more like Jesus we need to be discipled! We desire to be in a place where the Holy Spirit is speaking and we hear him clearly. With the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we will know which direction to go in our lives. Lets 4get what "SAVED" should look like and let’s just be SAVED!

What is God saying to you when he speaks?