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Brief Update

Thank you to everyone sharing my links, listening to my music and even inquiring about the release dates of my upcoming projects and performances. This next release of music is not only an example of my evolution and growth as a person but also as a musician. I'm taking my time with this collective. Not only does this body of music challenge me, in a great way, but it also forces me to exhibit vulnerability, maturity, passion and purpose. I started piecing together his collection of music prior to completing my debut album, ENC 1101: THE YEARBOOK so needless to say, this project is truly a matter of cultivating, choosing and building each and every song. The accumulation is well over 200 tracks. Choosing what to keep and not to keep has been a task. Some songs will simply remain in my library or go to another artist. I decided to release the songs in a series of EPs. The lead single right now is a toss-up between, "Bleu in June" and "Ambrosia". Perhaps I'll release them both. There's so much to say about the nature and energy of this project and the feedback has been not only motivating but also confirmation that I'm heading in the right direction. Some of the comparisons I've received have been quite the compliment. Words can not describe my excitement. This body of work is honest, what I've always desired musically and a true testament to the expansion of my craft and very, very personal. I'm working. We're working. It's coming.

Official website release is approaching!!

Finally! It's been a long ride of actualizing this official website of mine but everything happens for a reason. I paid one person who was completely overloaded, forced to retrieve all financial payment and hand it all over to my first choice, Mr. Lance P. of Axil Development. Lance was my initial choice well over a year ago however he was heavy touring with Janelle Monae and Prince, and still is. However, Lance is man of his word and he made it happen! I'll keep this blog short and sweet, roycehallmusic.com will be launched no later than Friday.

Cotton Inc. Chooses Royce Hall

As many of you may know, and others not so much, November 17-21, 2011 I spent in South Beach Miami as 1 of 24 Style Icons chosen nationally by Cotton Inc. for Cotton's first "24 Hours of Fashion" runway show. As a chosen Style Icon, I was flown to Miami, placed on a pedestal (appropriately enough :-)), and participated as a runway model in 24 Hours of Fashion. This event streamed live on mtv.com, eonline.com and fashionetconline.com, as well as coverage on those channels. I spent 4 days and 3 nights with 23 of the most amazing individuals. Not to mention Cotton made sure we were accommodated by the Mondrian for our stay. I enjoyed the luxury of a 1 bedroom/1bathroom apartment during my stay at this swanky hotel. To experience being apart of an event of such mass proportion was such a blessing!! The 24 of us still remain in contact. It's crazy how individuals who've never met can come together and bond so quickly. I will never forget this experience. One photo and my love for fashion and God giving me the "green light" changed my life forever. I. Can. Do. Anything. With unyielding and sincere Faith and execution. So can YOU!


The well overdue, highly anticipated debut album from recording artist, Royce Hall (aka Jwahari), will hit stores and online distributors September 2010. This soulful blend of passionate, clever lyricism and instrumentation is guaranteed to please listeners for years to come. Appropriately titled, ENC 1101: THE YEAR BOOK, Royce manages to capture milestone experiences without pause. It's safe to say the cohesion of Soul and Hip-Hop is a union destined for supreme results. Royce's debut album will include tracks such as, "The Cool", "Freedom Song", "Her Story", "FTW(On the Dance Floor)", and many more.