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Unsigned Artist....looking to get signed...

There have been many, MANY things that I have learned throughout the past year about the music industry, and I realized that if I want to put my name out there, I;m gonna have to sacrifice everything to get there, even if it means digging into my pocket. I realized before i get into this game, I gotta know the game first in order to be successful. I don't to rush anything because I know my time will come, but I don't wanna procrastinate then I see some other r&b teenage singer doing their thing on the scene where I am supposed to be. I realized now that God might have another path for me to take - becoming a songwriter first, seeing that I LOVE writing songs. I mean, look at the success of Ne-Yo: countless hits, and now his own career as a recording artist. That's where I wanna be. But now, I'm just like all theses other r&b ppl out here tryna get heard. Right now I'm working my hardest to get my image together (cuz thats the main focus of my career, if i am marketable) as well as getting some lessons to further enhance my vocal ability. But the most important thing I need right now is SUPPPORT. FROM ALL MY FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES.YOU GUYS ARE THE ONES WHO WILL HELP ME BECOME THE ARTIST THAT I AM DESTINED TO BECOME !