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Just trying to put the word out that I've entered my song on HNS103.7 internet radio station. The process takes a min of 60 days to review but with everyones supprt and request for my song will help quicken the process. Just visit the link below and find all the details on how to request my song. I appreciate all your support! Help get my music heard on #HNSradio Visit - http://www.hnsradio.com/ Request in the comment box "no surrender no retreat" by vizualye

No Introductions EP

Well you might have heard or not that I've finished my EP release entitled "No Introductions" which is currently available on Datpiff . I have been working vigorously on a lot of upcoming collaborations and projects. I also have my official album "Legends and Music"'out on under label Tate Music Group. I am very excited about both musical directions. It's been over a year of hard work and I look forward to the success of both projects. You can always find me working on something new. Be sure to Follow me on Twitter @vizualye as well as on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/vizualye.

Album Release

Finally set the date for "goodmusic in the making " release! July 24th the mixtape/album will be available on iTunes, Google Play, Rhapsody, etc.. Feel excited about the project and hope all of you enjoy the album. Thanks for all of the support. I looking forward to the things ahead and wish everyone much success.

To see is to Believe

I have been going through a lot of experience's and what I am finding out to be true is that whenever you believe in something with conviction, those things and opportunities start to appear on so many different levels. I feel believing in yourself is just the first step, but it goes so far in life. And i feel that way not only in music but in life in general. I feel this is another chapter for me in many experience's and I challange everyone to continue opening those doors of opportunity. And let me say Thankyou to all of you who invest your time in me whether you checked out a profile, a song, or browsed a page Thankyou because you took that time when you could have been anywhere else. -Viz