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Storm Ahead!

Hey Lovers! It's been awhile since we've hit the ol blog spot, but we thought we'd say hello and share some more of whats going on in space. We've been tirelessly writing new material and performing a lot of shows. We just got out of the studio recording three new songs with our producer and engineer Layne the Rain man Stein and are pumped about the work we have in store for you. Shortly after we had an opportunity to record some more with a friend of ours Zack at Vsor studios and cut a 5 song live ep! We're really excited about both. We should be releasing them soon. You will be able to buy them from Itunes, Amazon..., Band-camp, here, or at our shows. We should have some new merch coming out soon as well. Other than that were already gearing up to head back into the studio to record some more gypsy madness, and keep the live shows a going. We also have plans for a tour thru this summer as well as some hidden surprises. Koal is doing well, and continues to practice his science of peg legs... Davy dendry has long blonde dreaded hair and has recently stop wearing diapers. (Stay tuned for a hit song called "if there's poop in your beard just let it stay". And skitch is doing standard things. Eating alot of noodles and perfecting the game juggling knockers. Thanks again to all our loyal fans, we love you all very much. Spread the love and be the movement that we kno you are! {Love-Music-Peace} -The Getbye

New Life

Its been a great year for The Getbye and hopefully for our beloved fans, friends, and family. Were looking forward to a few more shows to close the year out (or possibly ever since everyone know the world is gonna end)... We will be vibe'n hard for the new year with lots of new music coming your way, tours, and local shows. Thanks again to all our loyal fans close and far and we hope you have a peaceful and happy holidays. {Love-Music-Peace} -The Getbye


The seasons are changing, and hopefully we will be ringing out loud to your ears with our new releases as the birds of spring. Feel grateful to be alive and to continue to share music, we appreciate every bit of support and likewise aim to support our fellow artists and people. All of us here at The Getbye are graduating from UCF in a matter of weeks so we are excited for the transition. We are not sure what is next for us, but who really knows the future...just going to ride it out and push forward to our summer trip of music in June. To anyone out there who would want us to stop by your home let us know! May everyone continue to grow towards their destiny and share the Spirit that brings us together. Many blessings and agape love, Davy[The Getbye]


Koal and Davy just got back from a road trip of shennanigans meeting some awesome spirits up north and in the mountains. Everyone now is back home and ready to work for some big shows up ahead. We have a pirate festival in Sanford on September 17th and a the Rock Solid Pressure Industry Showcase September 24th. We're currently working with a good friend to try to get us in some bigger venues and festivals. Also looking to record some more of our gypsy spirit music in the studio for yous to groove to. Spread your love. The Getbye [Love Music Peace]