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Motley Crue & Kiss Concert August 4, 2012

This might be somewhat random, but I figured since I went to this show, I would write about it. I will preface it with the fact that I have seen Motley Crue nine times now. They are my all time favorite band. And while August & J music in no way resembles Motley Crue, I would like to think that my years of loving them has caused me to maybe include their influence on me in our music in some way. I would like to think that. But it is not true at all. Nothing I have ever written resembles their music in any fashion. Strange how that works.

Anyway, as always, Crue put on a spectacle. Flaming basses, strippers in thongs on stilts, a woman using a circular saw on her metal codpiece, a roller coaster drum solo and tons of explosions and fire. Basically, what you expect from their show. Oh, almost forgot, Vince Neil not singing half the lyrics and singing, generally, in the key of Z sharp minor. But you know what? You go see Crue as an escape, not for their brilliant vocals. They are just simply amazing live. It is basically a Hollywood blockbuster with a better soundtrack.

As for their set list? I do not know. Did not write it down. And do not care to do the research to find it. I do know they only did 12 songs due to the hour and a half time constraint that each band played. If you like a popular song of theirs, they played it.

As for Kiss, I was completely impressed. I last saw them sometime in the early 90s and also at some point in the 80s. But I had never seen them with makeup. I did not think that would make much of a difference, but it did. When Gene Simmons spit blood and flew into the rafters to sing God of Thunder, it just takes you back to your childhood. Unless you are young, then it is just kind of cartoony cool. But honestly, the makeup did it for me. You become 5 again seeing these characters that are just awesome.

Truthfully, I have not listened to Kiss in many, many years. Just not my thing after about the age of 9. But hearing Detroit Rock City, Rock N Roll All Night, God of Thunder, War Machine, etc was just really cool. Not many things in this day and age can take me back to my childhood. They did.

The most recent song they played was Lick It Up from the early 80s. Everything else was basically from the 70s. Now, I could have done without Shock Me or Black Diamond. And listening to Paul Stanley try to play a solo alone on stage was like listening to a kid who just picked up a guitar. It was horrible. Put Cold Gin in there and lets just go.

As for the stage show? Coming in from the ceiling, Paul flying out to the crowd for Love Gun, Drum riser that goes up to the ceiling, Blood, Fire & explosions from Hell. All in all? Yeah. Good stuff.

I know people these days mock bands like these two, but why? It is escapism. It is just plain fun. And you just do not get to see 2 bands of this caliber play together with full stage shows. Maybe the set lists were cut short, but it was 3 hours of good music and a great time.