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Ligonier Highland Games - Additional Information

The Lord Lyon, Chielf Herald of Scotland will be attending the Ligonier Games this year. This is the ONLY event that the Lord will be attending in the US. DruidSong has been added for the Saturday evening Ceilidh.

Back stage stuff...

Just took inventory, as part of the prep work for Ligonier. (Yes, I know that's weeks off yet, but if there are tings that need doing, I d rather not find them the night before.) Gotta get some more CDs ready. The inventory is below what I consider the minimum threshold. There's an organizational meeting for Ligonier on 8/22. That should help fill in the information gaps, like what time I'm on stage :-) I'm assuming that things will follow the usual pattern. That's three shows on the main stage. I also don't know if I'm going to play at the Ceilidh that night. Performers from the games are often booked into the Ceilidh. I'll probably get the answer to that one on 8/22, too. Stay tuned for breaking news...

Galbraith Pool Party - 8/7/2010

This was a fun show, as it always is. It was great seeing some folks I hadn't seen for a while, and everyone seemed to like what I was doing.