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All good things.....must come to an end...

Over the past 5 years , in many different aspects the core of our band has evolved and grown as friends and band mates. It wasn't that long ago when band practices were just a chance for friends to spend time together for fun . The fun has remained and the friendships have grown , while the music has become something we can truly be proud of. Every song we have reflects a part of who we are . Our personalities and passions are engrained in our music. But....... nothing lasts forever...... while our friendships will endure the tests of time , our existence together as a band will be changing. Sadly we will be bidding farewell to our co-founding member/songwriter Bassist/Vocalist Matt Wingren. Matt will be perusing some life goals in another state , we wish him the best in his future endeavors. We are currently working with a new bassist and our goals as DownPour shall remain unchanged. you have 2 more chances to see Matt before he leaves ...The Manette in Bremerton Sept 7th. with Sea of MisInformation and on Sept 14th @ The Rendezvous Tavern in Port Orchard with Mos Generator