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New EP "A Home In Your Thoughts" coming soon

A 3-song EP will be released through our label Melodic Revolution Records this Spring. A sample preview from one of the songs is available at the following link: https://soundcloud.com/user-6352067/aethellis_2nd_home_excerpt

Great gig at Metro Gallery!

A warm and wonderful reception at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore, MD last Thursday, April 10th. The gig was an audition for Baltimore's Artscape in July. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152303555070943&set=pb.194615735942.-2207520000.1397674767.&type=3&theater

Melodic Revolution Records

We're pleased to announce that Aethellis has joined the Melodic Revolutions Records label. The label is undertaking promotion for a wide release of the new album Northumbria.

On behalf of the band I want to thank MRR's Nick Katona for his support and enthusiam for the new album!

New album "Northumbria" shaping up

All the tracks have the basics recorded (with one exception - see below) and it's just a matter of refining, mixing and mastering.

The track listing has been firmed up and is as follows with approximate track lengths -

1. Northumbria (9:44) 2. The Awakening (3:27) 3. Dire Need (Hall, 3:46) 4. The Penal Colony (6:12) 5. Without A Sound (5:30) 6. Celui Qui Soit La Bosse (2:54) 7. Exchequer Prague (3:16) 8. The Peace Path (10:09) 9. Sounds Good (4:44)

Dyan Brown has had to postpone recording her vocals for a while so I'm focusing on polishing up my vocals on a few of the other tracks and getting some mixing underway. I'm determined to have this all wrapped up by the end of January and the plan is for a concert in early 2011 to debut the new material live. So stay tuned for upcoming Aethellishows! It's shaping up to be a busy year!