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Update on the Fist...

We've been in the studio a bunch lately... The twins and I have been staying up late (late!! Pulling music from your dreams, late!! Welcoming the sun, late!! So late it's early, late!!) collaborating on some new production and we got Oki in there last night to check out the fresh ideas - more goodness in the works! I'm trying to get the trumpet back in the mix and Oki and I both want to get more of the twins beats into the set (they've been providing the beats for many years now, and have defined the Mantis Fist sound up to the present...The sound is evolving, but we're not giving up our roots: EL REY and EL ROY the TWIN WHIRLWINDS.)

We're still banging out the recordings of our current set, which will be the basis for "SPIRIT BOMBS," our latest album (release date TBA). We finished and uploaded "Rex'sKingdom" (which also got some play on Hawaii's KTUH radio) and are almost finished with "TheTest(SandPaintings)" (man, I love that track). Then it's on to "Fire v. Fire," "Life'n'Art," "TheWeight" (the Mantis Fist version, although who doesn't love The Band?), "WhatItIs," and one that is, as of yet, untitled - not necessarily in that order...

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Until our next episode - same Fist Time, same Fist Station: XevacheAKAnobody

CIPHURPHACE  (over 7 years ago)