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Does Death Play Chess?

I figured out how to defy death and I'm going to write it in my Notes... I'm sure you would like to know how to live forever too. So, you should read this and hope Death doesn't read it too. (I wonder if Death has a Facebook Account) Well... Let me get to into. First things first, right when Death approaches and walks into your bedroom CHALLENGE him to a game of Chess. It will buy you some time. Every once in a while try to ESCAPE, PRAY, talk to yourself, whatever Etc. Once all that doesn't work and Death is still sitting at your bed side make a deal. Tell Death that if he loses he's got to permanently leave you alone. And if your bold tell him to give you the power to be able to do anything you dream of. Then simply beat Death at Chess and move on with your life. If you lose you Die, you were going to die anyway So what's the big deal. If you were smart like me then you would of practiced at Chess once a day until you died. What if the only way to get into heaven was to beat the "bouncer," at a game of Chess...