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Marley/Pohorski/Burn Jazz Trio

Terrigal Burn (piano) Doug Pohorski (bass) and I are gigging around the SF Bay Area under the banner Marley/Pohorski/Burn Jazz Trio - check out our Facebook page for performance listings and other info. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Marley-Pohorski-Burn-Jazz-Trio/1472959569587361

Project Studio is almost finished

Construction on my new recording studio continues into 2013. The sheetrock is taped and textured... Paint and carpeting is soon to follow. Can the first session be that far away?

BRS Jazz Jam Today

I'm looking forward to playing in the house band with Aaron Thompson and Gus Kambeitz... today all of the receipts and tips are being donated to the Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Fund.

Mixing and getting ready for the next session

This morning, I mixed the "project session" from last night featuring Aaron Thompson on piano, Doug Pohorski on bass and Modesto Briseno on trumpet. All of the tracks were better than I imagined on playback 9 hours later. Moe had us run through a few interesting charts, but recording "Beatrice" at the end of the evening was a personal high point. Next week, I'm getting a second shot at recording Lynea Diaz-Hagen, one of my favorite local jazz vocalists. My first session with Lynea produced the wonderful recording of "Footprints" which can be streamed from this page. Joining Lynea for our second recording adventure will be Kirk Tamura (piano) and Doug Pohorski (bass) - look for some track rotations here in the next few weeks!

Marley's Musical Message

Recording in the "project studio" tonight with Pohorski, Thompson and Briseno... that is, after we share some antipasti and wine first!