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New Music Alert!!!! 3

It has been such a long time since I performed.....I had to get myself together...the bad thing is that I had to take time away to do it; but, the good thing about it is I wrote all about my experiences....so now STAY TUNED!!! Thank you for the support over the years! You Fulfill My Dream! I love you!!!- SaLil Wynette

my first single "Every time (Look so Good)" was played on 103.3 FM WGIV

1-19-2013 Today my first single "Every time (Look so Good)" was played on 103.3 FM WGIV in Charlotte, North Carolina. First I would like to give glory, praise, and honor to my creator and I would like to thank all of those in the human form who have helped me get to this level. Just in case you are wondering this DID NOT HAPPEN OVER NIGHT!!! I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON MY DREAM COMING INTO REALITY FOR YEARS!!! ALL IT TAKES IS DEDICATION, PATIENCE, KNOWLEDGE OF YOUR CRAFT, HARD WORK, BEING FOCUS, HAVING AN OUTSTANDING SUPPORTING TEAM, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY FAVOR!!! My Rome is and has not been built in a day, but once construction is completed I can promise you the scenary will be well worth the wait. :) Continue to work hard and stay focused on the prize. Know that no one can stand in your way and you will reach your destination. Don't Give Up!!! I love you, SáLil Wynette


I am sooooo excited and fortunate to be able to FMD! And because of this I feel it is my duty to help others to FTD, Fulfill Their Dreams . It is important that you remember that being different is okay. You do not need to conform to anything; trend, person,or group! You most definately do not need to change who you are. Sometimes you may have to change your stance, viewpoint, or the people that are around you, but please, please, PLEASE remain true to yourself!

Find your difference, embrace it, and use it to Fulfill Your Dream!

I love you,

SáLil Wynette