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Whats going on. Lately I have been trying to put forth effort to just be on fire for God and by me just getting before God he revealed that I can go a lil harder. By me going a lil harder is not a bad thing its a good thing, WHY? Because there are a lot of people my age older and younger than me who dont have the fire that I have that others have. There has been some things that have been trying to get to me, and one of them is that thing of "PRIDE", not with me but with certain people i used to hang around sometimes.

As a musician and producer, God has been showing me so much its crazy. God gave me this vision to walk out this movement for the kingdom about 3 to 4 years ago and with great faith will come great devils who will try to slow you down. So like i was saying, specially in gospel music there are so many people who say that they are representing the kingdom of God but they are too scared for God to strip them naked of a lot of things, or they are to prideful to get before God and worship and find out where they missed it at. I know myself I have to do that to stay in line with God cause lord know I dont want to miss what God has instored for me ya know. But even groups around here in Winston is just crazy, they know more praise than worship, and some dont even know about worship. Some thats over these groups just ain't no better, your fruit will tell for its self. Half of these groups out here feel that just because they shout they are pleasing God, or just because they are hitting that note or run that God is please, even the bands feel that God is pleased because of the shouting breaks that they came up with during rehersal, its a mess I tell you. God is more worried about souls being saved, and people knowing him for him and not about that note that you hit last week ya dig. To be honest i dont really look at THE BOBBY JONES GOSPEL SHOW like that anymore, WHY? Because they dont do enough worship and things are programed, and see thats the church problem as a whole, they wanna be the next Richard Smallwood, Ricky Dillard, or Kiki Sheard. There will only be one Ricky Dillard, and Kik Sheard so cut the dream short, find who you are in Christ.

Even with a lot of musicians yo, they feel that they are going to get their next big break because they have been hitting (playing) with some heavy hitters or top notch or even normal cats around here. Its crazy. I just pray for that day when every musician and producer and artist come to the realization that its not about them at all. Church hopping is a NO NO bruh trust me, it gets you no where. So dont even know where to start, and then you have some who just want to be seen and in the spotlight. Some just play is safe by saying they do gospel or christian music, but at the same they are singing behind the scenes R&B and Neo-Soul at clubs, come on lets bring it back to our roots man on the real.

I cant wait til this RIVER PRAYER at our church St. Peters World Outreach Center, this is our second one and I know God is going to be there heavier. No tell what God has instored this time, I just love worship man on the real, praise is simple man but worship is a test to many cause they really dont know how to. But this Friday night from 9:30pm to 6:00am its going down man, Im going to bring the animal out for God (lol).... But I want God to just burn me with his fire man on the real, im walking in his glory, my lil girl is also and the close people who surround me cause his glory rubs off on people with a heart for him.

But for a minute just observe yourself and your walk ..............................................

Jay. R