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It has been almost a year since The Brigade played our first show. In that time we have gotten to play a whole bunch of shows, meet a lot of cool people, and in general have been blessed at every turn. We want to thank all of our fans, our families, and our supporters (Clutch at The Metal Meltdown, Doug at HM Magazine, and the crew at Indie Vision Music) for coming to our shows, buying merch, playing our music, recording gang vocals, and all the little things that keep us going. We are only here because you guys remind us that we are building something, and it is you guys that will allow us to continue on that path. The next step on that journey is the release of our album, WARNINGS. As of last week, all recording work was a wrap, which means that the mixing process is happening while you are reading this. When we send the tracks off for mastering we will give you guys a release date. WARNINGS was recorded and is being mixed by Brandon Kinder at his Ghost Note Recorders studio in Austin, TX. The process has been really amazing, and under Brandon’s guidance, we can truly say that the songs have achieved their full potential. WARNINGS is an album that we are very proud of. WARNINGS will feature several brand new songs (including “Ugly Twin”, a fan favorite for the many who have seen us live) along with re-recorded and reworked versions of the songs that appeared on our demo EP (There Is No Justice). There are two main reasons that we did this: the first is that we were never 100% happy with the way the songs turned out on the EP. We always felt that there was more that could have been done with them, and so you will get a bigger, more developed sound in all the tracks. The second reason is that after we recorded that EP, we lost two members. Trevor, our bass player, was replaced by Scott Stough, while our original guitarist Micheal Malleske was replaced by Michael Delaney, who was our drummer at the time, so we brought in our good friend Chris Stallings to fill the position. After the dust settled, The Brigade was more or less an entirely new band, and we had a whole new set of weapons to play with. So the songs evolved and changed until every member of the band had left their distinct mark. Some of the changes are subtle, some are very noticeable, but at the end of the day, we felt that the songs were stronger for the changes we made. This is an exciting time for us, so please keep checking in for updates, previews, and artwork in weeks to come. In the nearer future, we will be playing the HM Magazine Showcase during the the SXSW Music Festival in Austin alongside The Famine, Messengers, and Before There Was Rosalyn on March 16th, so if you are in town we hope to see you there. -Ian

Update August, 2010

Okey, so first of all thank you all for showing us some support. It has been a crazy couple of months since we began making this thing we call The Brigade public, and it has been great so far! It is all because you guys are saying nice things to us, listening to the songs, and coming to the shows.

We got to play with Oh, Sleeper, Sleeping Giant and Living Sacrifice; and we have gooten to share the stage with some stellar local talent in Let The Dead, Fit For A King, and Fire From The Gods. Life is good

So here are some updates:

First of all, Trevor Of Doom is no longer in the band. There is no bad blood (as far as we know), but our styles were just not meshing well. We have a new bassist though,Scott Stough who is awesome. He has played three shows w us and has really stepped up as a full time member in the band.

Second of all, we have decided as a band that we will be re-tooling and re-recording all the songs that were originally supposed to make up our first EP. What this means is that the songs that you have been listening to here on Myspace will be bigger, badder, and just all around better. In addition to those songs, we are working on a whole batch of new songs, the first of which is called "Ugly Twin", which we have been playing at the shows. So instead of an EP, you may just get a full-length out of us, we will just have to see.

Please continue to pray for us, and be sure to stay tuned for more updates in the next few weeks!

God Bless Ian, Micheal, Scott, and Mike (The Brigade)