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New song in the works...

New song in the works... stay tuned... something should be posted next week sometime hopefully...

Digital Lives - New song on soundcloud


Cool news to share

Just signed a 2 year production deal with https://www.facebook.com/TheWEMusicProductions/ today ... looking forward to the opportunity and can't wait to start creating some kick ass tunes with the crew... stay tuned for more information!!!

Tomorrow Never Comes - Remasterd

Tomorrow Never Comes - Re-recorded and remastered. My first attempt at MIDI drums. Please be kind ... :D

Tomorrow Never Comes - Remastered

Remastering Tomorrow Never Comes... added bass and drums... just have to add the lead tracks and redo some vox and all will be well.. thanks for the support everyone. Love sharing the music!!!


Thanks for the kind words everyone. I am slowly going through and listening and re"fan"ning back... yes I actually listen to the tracks of each artist I fan... just be patient. I'll get around to yas. The response has been a little overwhelming and much appreciated to say the least. From this humble Canadian, thank you.

Thanks everyone!

Thanks everyone for the support and likes. Hit #1 in my hometown for all categories. Much appreciation to everyone sending positive feedback and comments. Means a lot. New song in the works and remastered some of the other tracks and hoping to post in a week or two. Stay tuned.

Uploaded a new song...

Just playing around with Audacity tonight... had 2 old riffs that I decided to see how they would sound together... not bad!!!

Welcome to the show

Just a page to post some rantings and such... welcome to the blog... post your comments .. always welcome