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Combining Dan Dowell & Dan Cannon

Some of you may not know that for a couple years I played around with a persona called Dan Cannon. Dan Cannon was weirder than Dan Dowell; while DD wrote folk and rock and blues that was sometimes funny and sometimes not, DC created raps and noise-based compositions and performed super-goofy love songs at burlesque shows. The thing is, Dan Cannon is really just an excuse for Dan Dowell to step outside of a box (a somewhat large, eclectic box, but still a box) and not worry as much about confusing people ("Wait, I thought Dan Dowell was a folk rock guy. Who's this pirate rapper?")

Well, if you know me, you know I hate boxes (not large cardboard ones—those are exceptionally fun), so I've decided to bid adieu to Dan Cannon. Or, rather, I've decided to incorporate Dan Cannon into Dan Dowell. This will not be so much a split Captain Kirk reintegrating his good and bad halves as it will be a combining of Facebook pages, so it shouldn't be too traumatic. The Facebook page for DC will simply disappear and anyone who had liked that page will now like the page for DD. All of Dan Cannon's FB content will be moved to the Dan Dowell page. The ReverbNation page for DC will live on, but will no longer be updated and will point folks to the DD page.

Thanks for your support and interest, and if you read this whole thing, don't you have something better to do?

Bampcamp page is up!

Hey folks, I’ve been hiding out in my Hobbit hole for a while, but I recently stuck my head out the door and decided it’s time to re-join society. To that end, I would like to announce that I have a brand-spanking-new Bandcamp page, https://dandowell.bandcamp.com/music , where you can find songs that range from comedy to folk to rap to country to sea shanties to surreal soundscapes reminiscent of a space demon’s most private thoughts.

In addition, I’ve posted three *new* tracks: two versions of the theme to the Drunken Review (one with beatbox, one with a drum track) and “Duck Walk”, a banjo tune hiding deep in the swamp. Let me know what you think!

Shows coming up

Santa Cruz people! Check out the show What is Erotic? I'm performing one of my most popular songs, and there will be other musicians, dancers, burlesque performers, and so on. Think of it as an erotic variety show.

Oh, and get your tickets in advance. The show runs for eight nights, but in years past, it has sold out early. Here's a link to more info:


I'll see you there.

The Store is Up

In case you missed it, the General Store is up! You can now buy my songs by going to my FB artist page (www.facebook.com/dumpsterbanjo) and clicking on Shop. You can still download for free if you join the mailing list, but the ones in the store are cd quality (even though it says mp3).

Worse than Oatmeal

While looking for a good set of headphone monitors, I came across this in a very helpful customer review:

"I hate these headphone, hate em even more than oatmeal."

Rest assured, I will not be purchasing a product that's worse than oatmeal.

New mics

I just opened up my new mics! Now, if only I weren’t at work…