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Calling Swampmouth fans! We are having a contest, e want our fans to submit artwork for our first full length album, no submission will be overlooked! Submissions should be sent to swampmouth@gmail.com! There are no rules, your imagination is your limit! We will be recording our new full length album in march 2011! Please be sure to leave contact info, including your actual phone number (hot chicks leave adress as well ;)) and email! Winner will be contacted, all participants will recieve some free shit! (new album)

Getting ready for the studio

We just wanted to give you a summary of what has been up lately. New material is being written almost every week. I have to tell you, these new songs are coming together like no other. We've learned a lot about each other over the past year or so and it is starting to show in our music.

We are hoping to get into the studio in February. Some of the songs we'll record are not some that we play live. These songs require multiple guitar tracks and maybe some piano parts along with some backing vocals. We plan on making this CD the absolute best we can make it. Not only for us but for you the fans.

We have also been keeping track of our charts in Reverbnation. Considering that the music we have on the site is only the demos, we have jumped in the charts. As of right now we are 5th locally with only a few weeks being on the charts. Nationally, we average a jump of 80 spots a day. With that said, it looks like people are starting to take notice and are liking what they hear. Again, we thank the fans for that.

More updates will follow. Be on the look out for video blogs when we start recording in the studio!!!