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the price of everything EP

The price of everything, the value of nothing. Is my last solo release for quite some time as I am now playing in a band called the electric luddites.And will be for the foreseeable future. This EP is the final installment of the austerity trilogy ,so whats changed since my first EP Sadly quite a lot and not for the best under this fake austerity charade that the old sick and poor are suffering under. While those at the top suffer not! So This is my last word on the subject as a solo artist, its stripped down to guitars vocals and bongos and was heavily influenced by the funk and soul of radical America in the 1960’s 1970s as this was the music I was listening to at the time, the last poets being one huge influence . The lyrics are of an UK 2014 under the yoke of a con dem coaltion government who are decimating what made the UK a decent and fair country in which to live. This is my war cry and my out pouring of grief at the continuing attract on fairness, compassion and empathy. People before profit always David paskell Feb 2014

A short overview of my four days at the Whitby folk week.

A short overview of my four days at the Whitby folk week.

I write this after my run in with the folk police, I did manage to get back to Sheffield in on piece , but was sentenced to three years of sea shanties sessions for impersonating a folkie! Joking aside its my sixth visit to the Whitby folk week, a friendly coastal town with the best fish and chips quite frankly anywhere.

So now on to the festival its self, reading the programme the sheer amounts of events is staggering gigs ,sessions and workshops galore. I headed up to Whitby on the Friday night and spent time in the station hotel who had a sing around session on. The festival official events did not start until Saturday, so I had a few pints and a early night.

Saturday a warm day with very fine weather, I went around to various sessions at the middle earth where I saw my friends the Workshy profit’s leading a livingly tune session. Popped into the fleece briefly to a Another lively session, I wanted to see Ray Hearne at the rifle club room sadly it was a full house, I then went off to the ship for another music session which was a mix of tunes and songs ,having been up early that morning I started to get really sleepy and headed for my tent around 10.30.

Sunday was very much like the Saturday with baking hot sunshine and a packed Whitby playing host to Morris sides performing and buskers also doing songs as people walked about. Once again I went down to the middle earth for a lively music session of mostly songs ,which had a few people from the Sheffield folk scene in attendance!!!!! Not strictly a folk session as such but outside people were singing and playing various instruments ,fiddles banjos, mandolins, and doing a wide range of tunes and songs, After a fair few ciders, I popped up to The Endeavour and was entertained by some of the official performers with sea shanties and trad tunes a plenty ,after which I headed back to my tent.

Monday another fine day I went to various sessions for short periods of time, lots of things to see and do, lots of Morris sides and more buskers to entertain the crowds. I saved my self for an evening concert at the rifle club concert hall the only people on I wanted to see being honest here was The workshy profits ,however everyone on the bill was of consistently high standard and I am glad I saw everyone on ! You may want to checked out the following Pete Sheppard, Alison Macmorland and George McIntyre ,Hannah James and Sam Sweeny ,the Workshy profits and the Wilson’s and that was my last night .

Tuesday Morning and sadly its time to head back to Sheffield but you can rest assure that next year I the terror of the folk police will once again be Whitby bound to celebrate our living tradition.

David Paskell

its been a while

I am busying my self with two EP's one called Any place and the other Austerity , while working filling shelves in a department store.I have been busy with new songs and revamped a few old ones over the last few months.My holidays tend to be music festivals and this year I am off to Cambridge folk festival , whitby folk week and musicport as well as to the odd gig here and there. On a more personal note I am getting itchy feet again and I want to move out of Sheffield and live else where,but this will take me some time.I also want another job as I am fed up to the back teeth with my current one.Again this is going to take time, but my music comes first always.I have a few gigs coming up which I am looking forward to. The record deal I have is none exclusive which means I can record with anyone else, but I am very happy with Wye Creek and any place with be with them. Austerity will be put out on alone and should include a full band as its an angry set of songs about the economic situation world wide caused by greed stupidity and down right shady dealings and expresses how I fell about it all. that's about it. I would just like to says thanks to the good people who think the music I make has some value at least and its nice to be friends with such talented musicians and to get to hear their songs. David paskell

clampit creek EP

My EP Clampit Creek will shortly be available to buy via download,for those who do not know the story of how the title track came into being or how the whole idea of the EP came into existence I post the following.I was at the Acoustic festival of Great Britain last year.I went along on my own with only my old guitar for company,while there I met Carl, Shaun, and Ang and their families .One night after the days musical events were over I sat with them having a few drinks Carl and Ang asked me if I would play at their wedding at the end of August. Anyway I said yes and went down to Haxey for their wedding I had been toying with an idea for a song about they way our lives just seem to be getting faster and faster, its all rush, rush, rush.Not only were Carl and Ang getting married they were also planning on moving to live in Haxey in a cabin they were building at clampit creek camping site to escape this kind of thing amoung other things. So on the day of their wedding I was thinking about the ideas for a new song and AS I sat there the lyrics and the music came very quickly one after the other that very day.The whole EP would have not come in being in its present form if not for them and of course not forgetting guitar wizard Billy who owns a cabin next door.It is their EP really and I hope they like it, the cover includes a picture of carl and Angs trusty van and a picture of the calmpit creek performance area.So now You know! David Paskell

These streets were full of hero’s

These streets were full of hero’s

A group of priests are talking about the recession as they walk up west street A young girl shivers in the cold in a tatty jumper and worn out jeans There’s an ill feeling in the streets tonight reflected in the faces of the passers by A biting cold ill wind A feeling that some will never win

A battle with the forces of fate All around a urge to escape An empty vodka bottle by the old bus stop Cold comfort and that’s not a lot Deep cuts and harder times A battle for hearts and minds

The busy and bustling shopping masses Consumer goods behind glass A feeling that the heart has gone There’s something very wrong The winter cold is unrelenting The changes are seemly never ending There is something we have lost Just what will it cost?

I am a witness tonight To the faces of every passer by People just want a decent life Just as anyone might Are you Looking for some one to blame To find a cause for your pain While the true culprits of the crime Are living another life

These streets were full of hero’s some of them were mine These streets were full of hero’s in another time

David paskell 2010

Maze of days song lyrics and some other info

It's been a while since I last wrote a Blog, but I have been busy working on the Clampits creek EP as well as doing a sound track for a CD ROM which is not acoustic or folk but uses synths and samples as its for a forth coming book and set of meditation cards by some friends of mine .I do have some regular music news I am playing at the Winter Gardens here in Sheffield on Oct 30 th a short spot which will be broadcast live on Sheffield live as part of the Sheffield literary festival , this week should also see me in negotiations with Wye Creek for a EP which will be more than likely the Clampits Creek EP digital downloads for less than the cost of a pint, I also have plans to speak to another record company this week but more on this at a later date. ALL this aside plans are afoot for an acoustic day in Sheffield next year with the current title of the Green and Red Acoustic Experience , Nothing to do with environmental issues or the left wing as it happens not that it matters to me! Wyrd folk 2 Unplugged? I need to sort this issue out this week.The only other bit of news, I am sure you had your fill of news by now is that I have reworked an old song which is now up on this profile player called Maze of days its an old song but one I missed playing, I had to rework it I wont go into why except to say that I can now play it again and not have people say oh that,s the same title as so and so,s song enough said!! Just in case you can not understand a word I say on the maze of days demo

Maze of days

In the maze of dark days Trying to find our way In our hearts a yearning for change

We take our chances In these changing circumstances Dare we really hesitate Is there any need in any case

We are here together on this road All of us mind Body and soul Playing this game they call life Looking for answers In uncertain times

Maybe you are wiser than me Do you Know your fate and do you trust destiny Maybe you know where to go So many have no idea anymore

The future is down to you To find yourself and find your truth Want to try and find another way Seeking A better life than this any rate

David Paskell 2010

Well thats it until next time all the best David

song lyrics for a new song and other info

I am busy working on a none song music project for some friends of mine in relation to meditation cards/ cd ROM and apart from the Campit creek ep there will be no new music for a short while apart from this song which I am working on take a look at Lyrics below Make of it what you will,I am not trying to be clever here just honest. I will however be playing live , I have no idea how long this musical project is going to take a few months a least I guess. Testament to fortitude

Your lost to the melody a half remembered memory a part of a fractured dream a ripple in the flowing stream

Moments just passing by days unto a life Little seconds of precious time Opportunities go unrealised Time is just the thief The knowing face we disbelieve a mirror image we never face The avenues we never take

The faces merge ,the spaces blur Just as if they never were The momentum lost, the idea is dead There’s Some thing else in its stead The names changed the games the same Played out time and again Another direction another sign all of us fighting to cross the finishing line

Chances are lost and changes are wrought People can be sold and people can bought Images and our identity kit swallowing it whole Buying into all of it What you are and what you were No limits defined the outlines forever blurred You just went and lost to some one else your hidden potential your undiscovered self ADAPTED FROM MY ORIGINAL POEM

David Paskell 2010

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I had begun work on a EP called Clampit Creek, which came about after doing the wedding festival well Ang and Carls wedding. I wrote a song for them which was called clampit creek as this was where their home a wooden cabin is located.It was a good event a great weekend . Treebeard played a blinding set on the Saturday to rave reviews from those who saw em.

We were also treated some fine rockabilly and Irish covers from guitar wizard Billy. So on Saturday I wrote a song about Carl and Ang's need to escape the rat race and move into their cabin away from the urban sprawl and its associated baggage. I have had a song in mind about the ever increasing pace of life for a while now and this gelled with that idea . Why on earth is stressing ourselves up good.Why is it that everything must be done yesterday? Its plain stupid in my view but I think the whole ideology of the western world is insane anyway. its a farce, a kind of slavery and is pure exploitation and extremely destructive to the planet to boot, for what my view is worth. Just a very big thank you to everyone I met at the Clampit Creek wedding event you were all dam fantastic ,it was a real pleasure!!! All this coming fast on the heels of the Whitby folk week where I spent four days in one of my favorite seaside haunts, my friends Tina McKevitt and Matt Hegarty were very well received by those who were lucky enough to see them play live, as for myself the weekend set me thinking about a fair few things.

My biggest regret was not seeing the Awesome Worksky Profits live. Rest assured I will see em ASAP,as they are well worth seeing.I have another gig coming up in September here in Sheffield related to a musical project related to a commercial venture but its not song related , Wyrd folk2 is also on the cards as is The South Yorkshire acoustic day dates TBC. Well that's about it apart from me being told once again that I sound like Neil Young by a fair few people but as I said at the time I wish I had his money cos I don't. I wish I could write songs a good a Neil as well but I am me and must plug away with what I have . thats it then David Paskell

my musical résumés I use for festivals

Having read many musical résumés of late of various bands and individuals I thought I might just as well do my own..I have been greatly impressed by a one in particular and so to blatantly copy their style here goes

David Paskell singer and song writer now resides in Sheffield England, Actor, I founded RARDA. Sculptor and part time lion tamer, teas maid ,understudy to Plato , Mitcherlin chef , graduate of the Yale foundation course in all types of music ,Doctor,, author of a million best selling books of any kind, poet who ghost wrote for Dylan Thomas, Rubber glove, baking power, ash tray and sex god David was born on the moon ,the dark side of course coming to planet earthy to share his vast gifts with a grateful world here’s just a few of my fine inventions , air, water, language, DNA, the tea bag to name but a few in my spare time I explorer the globe and discover new countries like America, of course I have played every festival ever and travelled back in time to do it . After all I am just so dam ace that not to watch me perform and express my pure genius would be a crime against humanity, So I look forward to a vast sway of humanity at my next gig

David Paskell PHD -,MD- ACE - AQF - AQTF - CCAFL - CPM - DEEWR - FE - GAT -B - ILOTE - LSD - MIPs - NA - OTTE -SIAR - TAFE - VFE - VRQA - VTAC - WRS Please not David Paskell is only ten and has to been in bed for nine o’clock !!!

In 1884 a postcard sent just disappears FOUND BY ME IN 1989

lost in the mists of time

In 1884 a postcard sent just disappears Hidden behind a sorting frame for more than one hundred years Found in Sheffield 1989 lost in the mist of time

Oh Kitty remember that Sunday in the park When we walked arm in arm I had such a wonderful time The warmth of the sun only rivalled by the warm of your smile

Together by the bandstand enjoying afternoon tea Watching all the people going by as the music was drifting on that slight breeze I do hope we can arrange to meet up again soon For another blissful Sunday afternoon

But that postcard never arrived It got lost in the post out of sight and out of mind Did it put paid to young loves game Stuck behind a Victorian sorting frame

Found over a hundred years or more since the day it was sent Was the flame of love extinguished was it truly spent Did it break a heart or two in some ones history Ever since I found it I have been engulfed in this mystery

Its been on my mind From the day this discovery was made Fate placed this postcard for us to find A romance, a love from another time

So many questions did they ever meet again What was their fate A message lost behind a Victorian sorting frame Thoughts and feeling on a fading postcard From the heart.

David Paskell 2010