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Waiting For Another Miracle

At quiet times like now, I feel as though my muse has walked away. Actually, there are three that are now just outside the reach of my soul - Euterpe, Thalia & Melpomene. They embody melody, lyricism, comedy & wit with fresh tragedy to keep me honest. I want to write, I want to sing but catharsis chooses when and where my blood flows. My grasp is light in the dead of night.

So, not having written a song in over three years while receiving positive attention from fellow musicians and fans alike leaves me at a loss. I want to create for you, I want to create for me but my spiritual detachment continues to have its say for now. Yet, as I near the midnight hour, for the first time in five years, I choose to fight back, to flirt with my three muses! My soul will breath

Following 'last century jazz' and unforgettable guitarists.

Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, Leon Bibb, Joan Armatrading, Andres Segovia, Jose Feliciano, Billie Holiday, Barbara Dane . . . Not to help me become a better musician but to lead a more fulfilling life


The two cool niche shops doing business in downtown San Jose are making their way towards establishing themselves. In particular, Seeing Things, a new Gallery, on 30 N 3rd St. has some cool exhibits and Jai the owner is very approachable. Come check it out. You can find my book, 'Pala - Taste of a Liquid Poem', for sale on the shelves right now! Next door, of course, is San Jose Rock Shop, another great spot to have around SJSU!

Fuzzy Blues 4th Verse - 2010

"These days I'm livin' in the streets so I can feel the people's heat. Its a simple song of want coming from the guts of society. In a simple blues I like to call ends meat. You can see it in the eyes of the people that you meet." - Shovenish (4th Verse/Fuzzy Blues, circa 2010)

Earliest 'Live' Recording of Shovenish: Circa 1993

I just have to share my first foray into music within a band setting. How fitting that a cassette recording surfaced of our only club performance, AND OUR LAST! Even more appropriate is that 'Wrote This 4 a Friend' is my first song ever written with a band in mind. And to capture it 'live' in spite of the low quality of a one mic cassette recording - it does still capture the essence of my first try at rock n roll! For this no apologies, just fond memories ;)

Will Shovenish Go Acoustic?

Writing poetry about being in a band nearly 30 years ago and as a songwriter almost 20 years ago, its not surprising that I would eventually lead a rock n roll band at some point. That it took me til June of 2008 to first take the stage is a little more surprising. I find that I am home hiding within the rock n roll shelter of feedBach but venturing out beyond that on my own will be more of a challenge. Just me and my pawnshop Takamine has been something on my mind of late. If all goes well, I will prepare a short set of non-feedBach acoustic originals for an open mic or two this summer. Stay Tuned!

feedBach @ Caravan October 9th: Rare Local Show!

Shovenish suits up with feedBach on October 9th and goes n stage at 9pm for a short opening set in another rare local appearance.