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Inna Sense / Blog

East Coast Trip

It was to be the perfect end to our summer, A trip down the east coast. Lets call it an exploration of new territory. We've had our days of touring thru the mid west, California, Hawaii and even to Europe. For some reason though, we never really explored the south east very much other than a couple of stops on our way north. First stop, Virginia Beach and the Jewish Mother. A staple for great food and live entertainment since 1974. It was a very kool place with an awesome stage and the room was quite sizable. After a quick bite we were off to Calypsos. Located right on the beach there was a band playing when we arrived. Another sweet place and apparently a local fav. Then it was off to crash at my brothers house who lives just across the border in NC. Second stop Outer Banks.. This would prove to be a full day due to the fact there are so many places to check out such as Barefoot Bernies, Mama Kwans, Kelly's Restaurant and Chili Peppers. Then we got to a sweet little spot on the beach called Art's Place where a beer just felt right. The owner of this quant little place is Tammy who apparently has done something good enough to attract a lot of attention from the local media. This is one of those places that doesn't bowl you over with grander but will keep you coming back for the best burger in OBX. Another and surely the most impressive place was the kite surfing retreat Real in Cape Hatteras. We may have to stay there a couple of days for some lessons on a sport I have been wanting to try for a long time. Third stop DC. What can I say about the capital city other than strangely enough I seem to fit in there. The name of a famous local band Thievery Corporation all of a sudden made sense to me for some reason. We checked out Patty Boom Boom, The Black Cat, Velvet Lounge and Madams Organ. Did i mention it wasn't me who put all those stickers up.. In closing it was a fine trip and all you folks in VA and NC can look out for us to come to your area in 2014. See ya soon..

Inna Sense Cruise (NCL?) oh no

My son went on a cruise with his friend last weekend on NCL. I will let you figure out what those letters stand for. I ask how it was of course and as he explained that the coolest thing to do was on that ship was play basketball i couldn't help feeling proud that the Inna Sense cruise is going to be aboard the 2nd largest ship in the world full of the most amazing activities. we are talking rock climbing, ice skating, the flow rider and much much more. Time is running out so get your cabin locked in now before their all gone. If you sign up with us this weekend at Seacrets you will get a free shirt..

One Year @ The Goose

I can't believe it's been a whole year, but tonight marks the birth of Reggae Nights at The Goose Lounge. The first Wednesday of June 2012 we kicked it off. A lot of positive change has happened since then with us and the Goose. We are looking forward to 2013-14 Reggae Nights kicking ass every Wednesday. Come out and celebrate one year of good vibes tonight 3008 Grand Ave in Coconut Grove.

Cruise News! Limited Time Special!

SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER. SAIL WITH FRIENDS AND SAVE!! BOOK AT LEAST THREE CABINS AND SAVE $50 P.P. OFF THE PRICE OF YOUR CRUISE. IT'S ALWAYS MORE FUN TO SAIL WITH FRIENDS SO GET YOUR BESTIES TOGETHER AND COME SEE THE BEST REGGAE AT SEA WITH INNA SENSE ABOARD THE LIBERTY OF THE SEAS. THIS LIMITED TIME OFFER IS ONLY GOOD UNTIL JUNE 17TH SO ROUND UP YOUR FRIENDS AND BOOK TODAY!! This is a private group and you MUST book with the Cruise and Travel Shoppe to see Inna Sense perform on the Liberty of the Seas! For reservations contact the Cruise and Travel Shoppe: (856)267-5289 or (800)95 SHIPS (957-4477) or visit www.cruiseandtravelshoppe.com/innasensecruise

Inna Sense Cruise Vol. 6

The fact that cruise ships feed you around the clock could create a golden opportunity to covert those calories to muscle and give yourself a stealth look to go along with that tan. On the Inna Sense cruise departing Ft. Lauderdale Fl. December 2, 2013 aboard Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas there is a full gym that rivals most that I've ever seen. It's complete with free weights, strength training stations, tread mills and even, my personal fav, a boxing ring and with heavy bag. Although for the most part I am a lover not a fighter I am not proud to say I have thrown a couple of punches in my day. On tour quite a few years ago we were packing our gear after a show in Michigan at a club called the Intersection. The sign above the stage exit read, Rental Center for the neighboring business,which was closed at that late hour. After too many shots of tequila I stumbled my way to the van with three other members. Our bass player was driving and as we pulled away a police car passed us, made a U turn and began to follow. As we entered a four lane road that led back to our hotel we didn't get far when we noticed a police blockade that was evidently set up for us. With guns drawn one by one they removed us from the van. Forced to our knees, hands behind our heads, we were cuffed and stuffed. Myself and the bassy in one car, the roady and guitarist in the another. With loaded shot guns they cautiously opened the back of our van. The mood seemed to relax at the sight of our gear. One officer ask if we knew why we were stopped. Having no idea we were tickled to hear they received a call that a bunch of rastas were ripping off the Rental Center. To our delight we were back in our van and on our way to the hotel. Safely back in the room telling of our ordeal to the rest of the crew, the roady revealed that the guitar player had put a cigarette out on the seat of the police car and wrote on the back with a key, COPS SUCK. With visions of our hotel being stormed by police I confronted him. He became irate at which point me and tequila clocked him one in the eye. I don't need to tell you I felt really bad for doing it when I saw his massive shiner the next morning and to make matters worse, I had a broken my pinky finger which was now of no use to me on the keyboard. The guy had to wear sunglasses that day as we headlined a festival in front of 10,000 people. Now life on the road can be turbulent and we had another lose cannon on our hands who was yelling, screaming and breaking up the hotel room later that night for some unknown reason. As we calmed him down with threats of the police showing up the inevitable knock on the door came. Through the peep hole we could see their badges shinning in the moonlight. We sent him out to face the music. He stepped out only to return straight away with a big smile and said "they're not here for me, they want to see the guy that defaced their car last night". The moment the black eyed guitar player went out the door we could hear the officers reading him his rights in preparation for his incarceration. They suddenly stopped an inquired about his eye. He informed them that when the keyboard player found out what he had done to their car that I punched him. We could hear the roar of laughter as they released him from hand cuffs and said that he had been punished enough and was free to go. Although still not proud of what I did I came away from this knowing we still had a guitar player for the remainder of the tour and more importantly that I would never raise my hand in violence again. The only punching I will be doing anytime soon is on the heavy bag on Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas. For more Information and reservations contact the Cruise and Travel Shoppe (856) 267-5289 or (800) 95 SHIPS or visit www.cruiseandtravelshoppe.com/innasensecruise

Inna Sense Cruise Vol.5

With summer peeping around the corner, it won't be long till I am chilling with my surf bros and chowing down on a tuna wrap at Belly Busters in Ocean City, MD., which is by the way my favorite place to eat in that town. Although I don't surf, I am an honorary member, #13, of the Starvin Delmarvin surf team. After hot summer nights performing at Seacrets, JA. USA, I always enjoy the days walking down to the beach to watch my boy's catch some barrels. As I watch this year, i'll really be getting fired up about the coming winter so I can finally learn to surf on Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas. Departing from Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale FL., Dec. 2, 2013, is the first ever Inna Sense cruise and YES, surfing is one of the activities I personally can't wait to try. Why not learn to surf with my bros in OC MD you may ask? I'll tell you, The FlowRider, thats why. Now I love the beach like most people but after my last surfing experience in California fighting for dear life to get out of the Pacific after a wipe out atop a 9ft wave. Not to mention, this movie I saw as a kid thats kept me a little nervous about being on somethings menu. I'll take my chances on the FlowRider. All kidding aside though, surfing is an awesome sport and while some people do it as a recreational activity, for others, it is their life's focus. For centuries surfing has been a central part of Polynesian culture. It is said to have first been observed by Europeans in 1767 on the island of Tahiti. For me however, the FlowRider is seemingly a safer alternative to the real thing. Theres no showcasing on any menus and no reef to cut you up when you wipe out, just a bruised ego while your friends have a little laugh at your expense. Brain child of Tom Lochtefeld of Wave Loch Inc, it's based on the sheet wave concept patented in 1988. A thin layer of water shoots up a cushy incline to create the perfect never ending ride and soft landing when the inevitable wipe out occurs. Wave Loch is also responsible for such water rides as the FlowBarrel and WaveHouse. The first FlowRider open in Texas in 1991 and in 2013 I might earn the respect of my surf bros from OC if I can finally learn to shred. The FlowRider aboard Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas is the perfect opportunity for surfers and non surfers to catch the perfect wave. For more information about the Inna Sense Cruise please contact the Cruise and Travel Shoppe at (856) 267-5289 or (800) 95 SHIPS (957-4477) or visit www.cruiseandtravelshoppe.com/innasensecruise

This City Needs A Hero..

Gotham City has a hero in the form of Batman, the city of Metropolis, Superman. They come to the rescue in our darkest hour just when things seem hopelessly lost and behold, we live to see another day. Coconut Grove is a far cry from such urban comic book sprawls and the only guy I've seen there that might be cast to play a villain in a Hollywood version of one of these illustrated thrillers is Jamaica Paul. With his french beret, white beard, blazer, and red bandana tied around his neck. He is fresh out of the fallen Jimbo's camp and may even have motive for mischief. He is however no villain so no disrespect to you my friend. The real villain in this case may be the economy which has affected many a business, in particular live music. As I have said before Coconut Grove was teaming with live bands in the past. As the years go by I've seen less bands in the area as club owners found it more cost effective to hire DJ's. After all theres only one guy to pay. Don't get me wrong here, DJ's are an essential part of the night club scene but no replacement for the spontaneous audible combustion of a great band. Enter our hero The Goose or as we personally know him, Gustavo Pena. Growing up in Venezuela he spent some time growing dreadlocks and playing drums in his own band before coming to the U.S. After holding nearly every job in the restaurant/night club biz, he emerged February 18, 2012 as the proud owner of The Goose Lounge. His goal, to bring live music, an extensive beer selection, and tapas menu together with a sleek upscale decor and create an atmosphere for anyone seeking an alternative to the usual dive bar. He has become a hero to quite a few of us musicians always on the look out for a place to perform. Now every hero needs help from time to time so I cannot forget to mention Marcello and Harold, his partners in heroism. They are the nuts and bolts guys that he could not do without. The Goose himself can be found playing drums on Tues. open mic night, sometimes with yours truly on keyboard, and as Goose DJ, spinning every Wed. for our Reggae Night. Thats right, he's a damn good DJ too. On the weekends you can see an amazing rotation of original and cover bands. The Goose has to have some real cojones to go out on a limb as he did to bring live entertainment back to the Grove when others found it too financially risky, and that is why I have dubbed The Goose Lounge "The Original Live Music Venue".

Inna Sense Cruise Vol. 4

The heat in the tropics make cruising out of South Florida an enticing proposition. Lebron James Didn't seem to hesitate too come here for the Heat. Although a basketball team offering you millions of dollars to play is not the warmth most people find as they get closer to the equator, basketball is one of the activities we will enjoy on Royal Caribbean's Liberty Of The Seas. Hosting the first ever Inna Sense Cruise, it will depart December 2, 2013 from Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Ironically, Lebron and let us not forget Wade, Bosh, Allen, Haslem, and all the other talented Miami Heat players are on their way to Cleveland tonight. They will defend their 23 game winning steak, which by the way is the second longest ever, the first longest being accomplished by the Lakers in the early 70's, against Lebron's old team the Cavaliers. Surely when he gets off the plane and feels the current 30 degree weather he left behind, it will reaffirm his decision. No doubt though, it will be nice for him to see friends and family of which no amount of tropical heat could ever replace. Lucky for us we can bring our friends and family along as we cruise to Jam Down and enjoy this amazing floating city. Located right next to the rock climbing wall and painted a cool cobalt blue, is a full length basketball court. On my tour of the ship with Dave Kramer A.K.A. "The Man" I actually gave a demonstration of my Dwayne Wade moves. Not sure I impressed him as I floundered around the court in flip flops. Requiring serious cardiovascular endurance, basketball was created by Dr. James Naismith in 1891. He was seeking a vigorous indoor game to keep his students at Springfield College in Massachusetts fit during the long New England winters. Long since out of the gym and in almost every outdoor park in the U.S and abroad the sport has come a long way from using soccer balls and peach baskets. Now, along with being world renowned, it has set sail aboard cruise ships. I can't wait to play under the tropical sun and take in the fresh ocean breeze. So come shoot some hoops with me aboard Royal Caribbean's Liberty of The Seas and stay tuned for more as I have still only scratched the surface of all the features this amazing vessel has to offer. For more information about the Inna Sense Cruise please contact the Cruise and Travel Shoppe (856) 267-5289 or (800) 95 SHIPS (957-4477) or visit www.cruiseandtravelshoppe.com/innasensecruise

Busy Busy Busy..

Today we meet the RAW artist crew. RAW is a grassroots organization dealing with many different forms of art from film, music, make up and everything in between. We will be doing a showcase for the expo in Mid-town Miami April 25. Im heading over there now to do a walk through. After that it's open door rehearsals at the Goose in Coconut Grove so anyone in the area is welcome to come by and hang out we get going around 6 till ???. We are also going to build and paint some sweet purple planters to add some curb appeal to the already ultra fly Original Music Venue in the Grove named THE GOOSE.. So bring some old cloths you don't mind getting paint on, hint hint..lol Big up to all my peeps.

Say What????

A while back I posted a blog called Goose vs Green Street. I see some in Coconut Grove are trying to take credit for bringing live music back to that area. Let there be no mistake about it, the Goose is the first in recent history to go out on a limb to bring live entertainment back to Coconut Grove. So today I will post my original blog from Feb. 27 before I write the next which will be entitled "This city needs a hero"...