"Real Talk"!! HEAR MY VOICE. Please! BE SURE. Fellow fans, all who support me and my different brands of music, I LOVE ALL OF YOU! more than this LIFE Itself. Thats why I do this. 4 GOD, HIS KINGDOM, my Bro's & Our Families, You, Me, ALL MANKIND and To Spread The Gospel Of THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST. HIS LIFE, DEATH, RESURECTION, RETURN, & THE COMING OF HIS KINGDOM. TEMPTATION's got me. I WHOLE-HEARTEDLY SERVE myself and SIN. THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH. JESUS CHRIST DIED 4 MY! SINS and I even DIED 4 MY SINS. I AM so glad! HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD with THE KEYS TO ETERNAL LIFE and DEATH. BAPTIZED with CHRIST in LIFE, DEATH, & WATER. This Site/Artist Is Under Construction. Stay Tuned! GOD BLESS!! YOU.

You can check my life story on my youtube