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CD-EP Release!

New Songs by Kenn Wanaku

It's been a while since my last music production: AfrikanGuitarStrophy in 2006. And so much water has passed under the bridge. Before this water empties into the oceans I thought I send out one more SOS - "message in a bottle". Hopefully one of you is going to find it and reach out to someone you love, say a kind word, share some peace & love ... in Truth.

The title of the new set of songs is: Bei Samoh - Tell the Truth (a remake of Fly Me to the Moon by B. Howard)

The set includes twin songs: Color of Love and its French version L'Amour, C'est La Vie

Then one last bonus title is: No More War - a folk original reflecting the signs of the times.

Let me know if you will be interested in obtaining a copy of the limited number of CDs that will be produced. Otherwise you can listen to, or download digitally from iTunes and several other online distributors (to be announced).

Much much peace. kwv

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