We have a friend. He is all about the peace and love. He takes great photos and is well aquainted with this Louisville scene. He makes brownies and they are great..... did I say those brownies were great? great brownies... thanks!

Another Wonderful Wednesday

What you doing tonight? You should probably visit open rehearsals at The Tim Faulkner Gallery.

Great Day Live

Next week Your Beloved Tunesmiths will be on WHAS channel 11 GREAT DAY LIVE to play a few and promote the Mighty Kindness Hootenanny!

Dirty Derby Release Party Off The Chain

It was a great time down at The Haymarket Whiskey Bar last night. The Hotwires did a set of "we dont fuck around" rock and roll. If that don't make any sense to you. Check out their show. Tommy and everyone else from The Dirty D we so cool to work with. Buy the 2nd issue for 5 bucks and you will find Art, Poetry, History, Sex, Food, Music, and everything else that keeps Louisville weird and wonderful. Check out their Facebook page www.facebook.com/TheDirtyDerby Thanks again to The Hotwires..... You guys are officially my least favorite band to follow! Btrmlk

Friday Night at Haymarket

Hello dear friends, We hope ya'll are well and ready to start getting out in about more often. Springs creeping in and it's time to rock out! You can find Your Beloved Tunesmiths this Friday playing a nasty rock and roll set at Haymarket Whiskey Bar. We are playing in support of the 2nd issue of Dirty Derby Magazine. A new local rag focus on hot and sexy stuff! The Hot Wires are opening up the night and the Va Va Vixens will be running around. This is a must go, cant miss show. See you guys then.

Wednesday Night It's On!

Thanks to Joseph Hanna for stopping in for open rehearsal at The Tim Faulkner Gallery last night. He's a super talented and smart dude! If you haven't heard his bands check them out. Jack Holiday and the Westerners (www.facebook.com/BecomeAWesterner) are into Mecha-war machines, galactic conquest, and obscure references! If that doesn't tell you what to expect then log on and listen up. You will be pleasantly pleased.... He's also the mastermind behind GREASETRAP. A newly minted project combining musical talent of JHW and The Tunesmiths. Joe swapped in and jammed out for a little bit, good times! You should come out next Wednesday. Open rehearsal EVERY Wednesday night at 943 franklin, downtown louisville.

The Mighty Kindness Harvest Hootenanny

Mighty Kindness Harvest Hootenanny

Voted 2nd Best Annual Festival in the LEO, the Mighty Kindness Harvest Hootenanny is a free daylong festival that celebrates kindness where you'll find local food, music, art, green businesses, neighborhood and social justice organizations, kids activities, the healing arts, the spiritual community, cultivating connection circles, free workshops and more.

Bands this year include: The Tunesmiths, Quiet Hollers, Sandpaper Dolls, Whiskey Bent Valley, Alanna Fugate, Dirty Church Revival, and Butch Rice

Hope to see you all there

Secret Shows

A few of the Tunesmith boys got out Thursday night to attend Louisville's Secret Show's debut. Caught Discount Guns doing the 2 piece thang to perfection. Violet Knives and Mobley followed. An amazing idea, held at a wonderful venue. Diamonds on Barret Avenue is crazy awesome. Everyone should go out, play some pool, put down a few drinks, and catch a show. Great night!!! Hunter Embry from The Bad Reeds was there too. Pics posted...