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It's Friday the 13th, and I am playing at the PAC tonight. Who will dare to come out? Radio Free Carmela and the Transmitters are playing at JR's Packinghouse, and James Caedmon is at the Flying Dog Pub. And don't forget that Carmela is playing at Tropical Heatwave tomorrow in Tampa, a great array of bands from all over the country. My pal Bud Buckley is playing Back Eddie's tonight and tomorrow night in Venice.

Tomorrow I will be going to the Rays game after which Darius Rucker is performing. It should be a fun show. I hope you will come out and support me and my local musician friends.

Joe B.

This week

Friday at the Pastry Arts was fun, thanks in part to the young couple from St. Louis and their sweet little kids who were into the music.

I spent yesterday at St. Pete's beach with some old friends. I can't believe how many karaoke musicians are out there making money and not really playing anything. It makes me a bit crazy. I hope people think hard about supporting real music. There are so many good musicians playing good original music in the tampa bay area. Don't settle for less. And please support these real musicians by tipping. Unlike the karaoke musicians, many real musicians are not earning significant income and are paid more like waitstaff. But people know enough to tip waitstaff relatively appropriately. I always enjoy the thank you's and the praise, but cash is nice too. Oh, by the way, keep the change ;-)

May Day!

Great music weekend. Friday at the PAC was fun. Thanks to Ed and Deb for coming down. Saturday at Back Eddie's was excellent. My daughter and her husband were there. So were Joe, who sat in on mandolin, and his wife Trish. Jody rounded out the friends in attendance. Probably my last night at Back Eddie's for a while (season is over, ya know). But I look forward to playing there again in the future.

Easter weekend

Well, it was a full week. My gig on Long Boat Key at Kitchens by Kerrie's grand opening was fun: great people, great catering staff and food; lots of fun, and I made some good connections for future gigs. Friday at the Pastry Arts Cafe brought the added treat of a guest appearance by Michael Miller of the Heart Machine who played a few songs in honor of his mom's visit to Sarasota from Tennessee. Last night was Back Eddie's Bistro in Venice The place was packed all night. My food was excellent. Later in the evening, I was joined by Joe on mandoline for an impromptu jam. Bud Buckley and his lovely wife Cathy also stopped by after Bud's triumphant performance at Noise Ordinance 2 in Sarasota. This week I am looking forward to jamming at the beach with Bud and Joe for Back Eddie's anniversary bbq on Monday. Tuesday I am sitting in at the Fox and Firkin in Bradenton and hope for some bookings there in the future. Friday it'll be back at the PAC and Saturday, the end of the season at Back Eddie's. I hope to see you all there!


The Weekend of April 15-17

It was lots of fun playing on the Olive Oil Outpost porch on Friday night. If you haven't been to Kelly's store yet, you have to go and sample the fine cheeses and oils. Also say hi to Suzanne at the Concierge kiosk. She's a hoot. As always while there I enjoyed meeting new people. But what made it special was sharing the bill with Michael Miller of the band the Heart Machine. It was his birthday, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. He has a show next Monday at Mr. Beery's in Sarasota. I encourage all my fans to fan his band and those in FL to come on out for his gig.

On Saturday, I rode my bike from Palmetto to the Bradenton Farmers' Market to see Passerine play. Again, please fan then and check out their next gig at the Noise Ordinance Festival in Sarasota at the Cock n' Bull Pub on 4/23. I will be playing in Venice that night at Back Eddie's, so please extend my regards if you go. I also got to see Howie play at the farmers' market which was good since I subbed for him on Sunday at his regular Anna Maria Island gig. After that gig I went to see my buddy Bill's new house on the island and met Lo, an old FL buddy, and some of her friends from Sign of the Mermaid, a super restaurant you should all try,

This Thursday I will be on Longboat Key playing at the opening of Designs by Cary, a new shop, at the Centre Shops right next to the Lazy Lobster (one of my fave restaurants). It goes from 4-8, and there will be food and drink. As I said, I will be in Venice on Sat. from 6-9, which leaves Friday's return to my favorite base, the Pastry Arts Cafe, 7-10.

I hope to see you all at some point this weekend-you've got 3 towns and venues to choose from.


The Ides of April

I am sitting at the Pastry Art Cafe looking forward to seeing Carmela and David host their open mic tonight at 7. I had great fun last Friday at the Pastry Atys and on Saturday at Back Eddie's Bistro in Venice. On Saturday, Joe sat in with me on mandolin, and we jammed for an hour.

This weekend is all Anna Maria Island for me. On Friday from 4:30-7:30p., I am playing at the porch party at the Olive Oil Outpost with my talented friend Michael Miller of the Heart Machine. On Sunday from 6-9p.I will be subbing for island legend Howie at the City Pier. Come on out either night for the food, the drink, the fishing, and, of course, the music.

Open Mic

I had a great time hosting open mic at the PAC for Carmela and David who were gigging elsewhere. A few regulars were there, but I wish a few more had come down to say hi. I really am in awe of how Carmela is able to generate interest in this weekly event.

Busy Week

I will be a busy guy all week. On Wednesday I will be covering the open mic at the Pastry Arts Cafe so Carmella, David, and their band Passerine can play at another venue. Friday, it's back to my old haunt at the PAC. And Saturday, I am returning to Back Eddie's to cover for Bud Buckley who will be attending the opening night of the film "A Beautiful Noise" for which he served as a production assistant, musician, and actor. If you can't get to see me, take in one of these other events please. Also, Sunday is the Heart Machine's house party. Find out more on their site.


Back Eddie's

I am playing a new venue tomorrow, Back Eddie's Bistro on South Miami in Venice. I have been there, however, to see my good friend Bud Buckley perform and can tell you that the food is great. Eddie, and his better half Back Allie, have a great menu and wine list. They also share a bunch of NY/Hamptons history with me. Here's a chance for all you Venice fans to see me close to your home and have a great glass of wine or beer at the bar.

April is a busy month for me. I have already booked 9 gigs. I am also getting lots of visitors, starting this week with my high school friend Daphne and ending on the 30th with my beautiful daughter Lea and her husband Brian.

Look for me Saturday night at the Trop as I will be attending the Rays/Orioles game. I will be sitting just up from the first base bag. Next to music, baseball is one of my favorite things. Even though I am a native NYer and a Mets fan, I do love the Rays. Love to see them beat the Yankees and Red Sox!

If you are on Pine Ave. on Anna Maria Island this weekend, wish Bill on the City Pier good luck with his new house and check out his great jewelry. Then stop in and see Kelly at the Olive Oil Outpost. I have to get some more gnocchi from her! I hope my fans will frequent my most passionate commercial supporters.


Tonight, March 25, 2011: A Wealth of Possibilities

I am playing tonight at my old standby, the Pastry Arts Cafe in Sarasota, and I am looking forward to seeing regulars and having a great dinner. But there is so much good music out there in town tonight:

Passerine is playing with the Mayhaws at a house party;

The Heart Machine with Michael Miller is playing the Cock N' Bull Pub with 2 other local bands of note;

Bud Buckley is playing his usual Friday at Back Eddie's in Venice.

I wish I could be in 4 places at once!