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HEY Fans and Friends; for those in NY, just a reminder that Joe B. Music is a proud sponsor of https://www.facebook.com/LIRollerRebels?group_id=0

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Labor Day

Congress is preparing legislation to change Labor Day to Entrepreneurial Capitalist Day to more accurately reflect the current true nature of American society. Labor's collective bargaining rights have been systematically revoked, being deemed undemocratic (i.e., socialist), and it is now time to recognize the true backbone of American economic society, the backs on which our current nation have been built. In light of these changes, salaried workers not in the upper management echelon will be asked to take a furlough day today so that their pay can be directly distributed to those who deserve it most. And hourly workers will be asked to work a double shift today donating all their earned wages to the great and under-resourced CEO's of this nation so that their share of this bounty may gratefully trickle down to the working class. In addition, all identified entrepreneurial capitalists will receive a tax holiday. And the taxes charged for the working class's purchases of food, clothing, and school supplies will be directly divested to that same group. Let's all support this legislation. It's time to put the cart before the horse! ;-)


North Country Finale

I will be joining Joe Stallsmith, Betsy Stewart, Rich Hebe, and others for a jam night at Joe's country home. Then tomorrow, it's back to FL. Look for me to be gigging again soon in my usual haunts. I will be seeing Rick Quimby at the Starkeeper on Sat., probably be at Kojak's for their show on Tuesday, and then at open mic with Carmela Wed. before returning to the PAC on Friday night. See you all soon. Missing my FL peeps.


More in the North Country

What a nice musical week. Thursday I did the open mic at Jessie's in Hanover and hung out with former student/new musical bud Alex Whitman; Friday I played the Hartland Farmers' Market (thanks Betsy and Joice) and saw lots of old neighbors; Saturday I was a spare part in Joe Stallsmith's group The Spare Parts as we played a 2 hour set for the Prouty Ride Against Cancer after party. In all it was great to see my old musician friends, like Richie, Dan, and Duffy.

Vermont/New Hampshire

I made it up to Dartmouth College and have been working 12-14 hr. days on the summer program curriculum. I managed to get in a short performance at the Skunk Hollow Tavern in Hartland, VT. I also saw a great concert with Red Horse (check them out). Last night, I went to a town bbq and fireworks and saw the bluegrass band featuring an old friend Ford Daley on dobro (I told him to look up David Brain and Jerry Sparkman). I am working on a gig at the Canoe Club in Hanover, NH, opening for my friend Joseph Stallsmith and another at the Salt Hill Pub, also in Hanover, opening for a former student Sarah Wallis. We shall see.

Gearing up for trip north

I am playing at the PAC tonight and a private party tomorrow, and then it is off to VT/NH for a month. I will be making some appearances there, TBA, but it is mostly a teaching/visiting friends experience for the month of July. I will be back in August with shows at 5 Points Collective, the Starkeeper Cafe, the PAC, and a special singer/songwriter showcase. Keep listening and downloading.


Winding down

The past few weeks have been very busy musically, culminating this week in hosting the open mic at the Pastry Arts Cafe, playing at the Starkeeper Cafe, sharing the porch party at the Olive Oil Outpost with new friend and excellent songwriter Rick Quimby, and finally appearing at a benefit event at Aces. This week my brother is visiting, so I will be low key, appearing only at the PAC and a private function. Then it's off the New England where I will be playing at several old haunts for the month of July. Lots of cool stuff coming up in August, some still in negotiations. But I will be doing a live streaming performance at 5 Points Collective, a chance for all my national friends to see me perform. I will post more on this as it nears.


Busy Week

My fingers are officially tired after playing 4 straight nights this week. On Wednesday, I subbed for Radio Free Carmela (check out her RN page and fan her) at the PAC open mic. There were 2 highlights: meeting Rick Quimby from Anna Maria by way of NH and Odel, a wild Israeli harp player. On Thursday I got a call to sub for Dean Johansen (Check him out on RN as well with his band The Human Condition) at a new venue for me, The Star Gazer Cafe in Sarasota. The garden setting was really nice, the food good, and the people top notch. I hope to be playing there again soon. Friday was my usual gig at the PAC. Stewart and Jodie were in the house as well as the Nashville folks. Finally, tonight I played the city pier on Anna Maria Island. A cool blues singer, Anne Marie from PA, sat in for a bit and sang some harmony. My buddy Bill and his sweet friend Arlene were also there. In addition to all these gigs, I posted 2 new songs: LondoN Bridge and I Wanna Be Wrong. I hope you all with check them out.

This coming week I will be playing with James Caedmon at his open mic on Tuesday at the Pastimes Pub in Sarasota (check him out on RN as well) and Friday at the PAC. Will the sub jobs continue? Only time will tell ;-)


Memorial Day Weekend

It was a nice night Friday at the PAC. A group of folks I haven't seen in a while came in and stayed the better part of my last 2 sets. It's great to be appreciated.

Next weekend I will be at the PAC again on Friday, and Anna Maria Island on Saturday. I hope to see lots of folk out.


Pine Ave

It is always fun to play on Pine Ave on Anna Maria Island. On Friday, we had a terrific porch party. India did massages, Kelly had great finger foods, Suzanne ran a great raffle, and Chef Vincent provided the main course. I met a nice fellow from Miami named David who came out again the next night when I played on the city pier. The sunset was terrific. I really like looking out onto the water towards the Skyway Bridge and just taking it all in. The previous Wed., I sat in at Kahuna's in St. Pete and met a super guitarist names SG. He has a great ear and can play anything. Next week, it's back to the PAC in Sarasota. You coming?