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New Tunage

I am working on a new song called "There You Are." I will be making a rough recording and post it sometime this week. I hope everyone will play it. On another note, the fellow who is producing my cd (He did the work on "Paint Me a Picture" and "Dreams") became a grandfather last night. Congrats to Joe and Josie, Perry and Lauren, and Aunt Connie on the great new addition to their lives.


St. Joseph's Day

After a wonderful gig last night at the Olive Oil Outpost on Anna Maria Island, I woke up this morning looking for the traditional pastries I always used to receive on St. Joseph's Day when I lived in NY and VT. Oh well, I had to settle for an ersatz bagel with my coffee. Perhaps today I will drive up to Marzano's in St. Pete and get the real thing. Seriously, thanks to all my regulars who came out last night and to all the new friends I made. Tonight I am heading to Venice to see a jazz guitarist and to sit in with Bud Buckley at Back Eddie's Bistro ( a great restaurant run by great people). If you like rock paraphernalia (especially associated with Neil Young), it's a wonderful place to visit. Plus the food is outstanding. Next week, I am back at the Pastry Arts Cafe for Friday, but I hope to squeak out early enough to catch the end of the house concert being sponsored by my favs, Passerine, or the Heart Machine at the Cock n' Bull Pub, both in Sarasota, FL. Please keep playing my music- it's all for you..

Happy St. Paddy's Day

I am here in Sarasota at the Pastry Art Cafe setting up for my gig this early evening. They have corned beef sandwiches, scones, beer, and 5 musical acts. I hope some locals stop in and say hi!


This weekend into next week

I want to thank the loyal folks who came to the PAC last night. I hope some of you also got over to the Packinghouse to see Radio Free Carmela and the Transmitters. All is quiet on the music front for me until the Thursday St. Paddy's show at the PAC and Friday's porch party on Anna Maria Island. In the meantime, I hope people will continue to fan me and my recommended artists. They are a good bunch, and I consider the lot of them friends as well.


Friday means the Pastry Art Cafe

I hope to see lots of folks out tonight. It is cool out, but the skies are clear and blue. The soup tonight is one of my favorites, cheddar broccoli. Rocky makes really good food to augment the pastries, coffee, tea, beer, and wine. And my favorite barista, Maria, is always there and a joy to know. Maybe old pal Stewart will make an appearance. I am trying to learn one Clancy Brothers song for my St. Patty's Day appearance. We'll see how that goes ;-)

Venice in the Rain

I headed down to Venice, Florida, to have a rehearsal with my friend Bud Buckley (you should fan him- he is a terrific songwriter). We learned a few new songs, pairing originals. His wife Cathy made us a great linner (not quite lunch, not quite...) of chicken, cream of asparagus soup, salad, and chocolate. Give Bud a listen. See you all tomorrow at the Pastry Arts Cafe.

Tonight at the PAC

I will be heading down to Main St. in Sarasota for the Pastry Arts Cafe open mic hosted by Radio Free Carmela and David Brain. It has been rated 1 of the top 10 things to do in Sarasota! I am going to try out a few of my newer songs, but I am mostly going to see Blake and Carrie, back in town from Colorado for a visit. I didn't make it last week, but I heard the place was mobbed, so get there early if you want a seat. Plus, it's always a treat to hear David and Carmela play, and they start the evening off at 7. I will only be playing 3 songs, but if any fans are going and have a particular original they want me to play, send me a note and I will try to make it happen.

Tomorrow I will be in Venice all day working with Bud Buckley. We do a duo and will be recording a little for pr. If you haven't heard Bud, you should fan him on reverb nation. He is a terrific song writer.

Friday, it's back to my home away from home, the Pastry Arts Cafe, for my regular Friday gig. Come on down and say hi.