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...and now, a word from our sponsor

As much as I try to keep up on ReverbNation, I find it challenging to put the social in the social networking. I'm always amazed at the great talent and artistry that I find here, especially from those of us who have yet to become widely recognized and make it into the popular canon of household names and ice breaking conversations. You all work hard and deserve the recognition worthy of those you admire, who inspire you and keep you moving forward. My wife really loves you all, too. We work from home and I stream play lists through the day, which catches her ear and causes her ask who the music is by. I'm Let me go find a hat so I can take it off to you!

November got off to a bit of a haggard start with the complete collapse of my laptop. Quite a time setback, that was. The poor thing died of exhaustion and had to be put out of it's misery. Good news rises from the ashes and we we're able to get a new laptop which, along with learning the incredible upgrades made by Apple over the past several years, I had to transfer massive files from external hard drives over and clean up the back log of collected stuff. Since I use my computer extensively for everything, that is a major chore. I think I'm almost done. Whew! - Just in time for the holidays, too.

Not too much to report beyond that - being really thankful to all for what you do here and the dreams you work so hard to realize and share with us. In the very near future I am hoping to be more social. Some ideas I've had over the past several weeks include being more intentional about sharing your music with my network, so that another pocket of the world may be able to intersect with others out there. I'm thinking about podcasting complete programs, or at least regularly broadcasting individual songs, featuring the music of artists I find here and elsewhere. So, if you happen to be here, reading this, send me an e-mail and let me know if you would like anything particular of yours featured.

I just now got off the phone with the pastor of our church, the First Congregational Church of Hadley, which happens to be a rather eclectic and funky church, and she has asked if they can play my composition "Alamoth" this Sunday as part of the Advent Introit. life is good.

Happy Holydays to you all, and don't be a virtual stranger.

Paz, Elliott