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negotiating life and death

Work has begun on something bigger than a juggernaut, smaller than a breadbasket and more torrid than the plague. Look for leaks soon.

it's all in the wrist

making the most of this Summer. putting in 400%

hope you're not caught in a boot loop.


Every day is a good day.

I feel like every day I'm surrounded by death and mayhem. Please tell everyone you love; that you love them. It's very important. High five. Loads of love. xx


It's really happening.

So it begins again.

The warm stink of winter fading, the cupped breast of Spring's swollen teat and the smoldering, orange glow of astronauts burning on the Stars hot surface. New songs in the works. Please send all hate mail to ucisofthedead at googlemail

February and Lambs to the slaughter

Why is it warm outside? Mild winter blues? Having a great time in the sunny Midwest.

New Year, new beer.

I've already begun to start the next pile of songs. I hope they are half as good as a half a glass of half and half. Watch for some singeing demos.

yuletides and Swedish fish

Hope you are all winding down. This year has been a big learning experience (I'm still learning). I think "pop culture is killing me" is pretty dang neat. I have some new goals that hopefully come to fruition in the new year. Remember to say I love you to everyone you love. It's not dumb xx I love you.

out of the frying pan and into the fire

I've been scolding myself for getting lazy on this little writers course I've been faking with Bob and Michael. I've been waffling and scraping up chords to insult. When it's finished it might be packaged as whole for download, plus or minus a few physical copies. Put your name in the hat if you need to see real discs. xx

Dropping hot off the flap jack flapper.

Ps. Come bring us your candy November 1st at the Local Blend in Saint Joeseph, MN https://ucis.bandcamp.com/album/pop-culture-is-killing-me