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Drive By @ Madison Square Garden (part 2)

We got to the garden a little after 6. It was crazy. There were so many people…and so many different merch stands. I was seriously wondering if we were going to run into anyone we knew…then we see Jae and Ginger as we were making our way in. Since we didn't get a chance to eat before getting there, we made our way to the food. That's where we learned the secret…the key to running into people you know…just hang around outside the arena. Seriously, we were shocked that we got to see as many people as we did!! We headed to our seats around 7:15 to get ready. Yes, it was a no camera venue…but just like hundreds of others, we got a camera in. DAZAMN…the place was HUGE! The floor was broken up…the front half was the standing area and the back half was where people could sit down. There were also 4 levels for the rest of the seats. Alright, it's 7:30…the lights go out…here we go! Drive By hit the stage…and opened the show with "Accidents" (from their first album, "I Hate Everyday Without You Kid…"). What an amazing show…the energy was incredible. The crowd was totally feeling it too, during "One Thing" Todd had them swaying their arms in the air with him. As we stood there, rockin out, we were completely overwhelmed. There they were…on stage…playing Madison Square Garden…wow…it's still surreal! Unfortunately, we don't have pics of the show. Here's the thing. It was just a few weeks ago that everything worked out for us to even make it out to NY…so we didn't have the greatest seats; but you know what, that doesn't even matter. We got to be there…to see Drive By playing at Madison Square Garden…and we rocked out with some amazing people!!! I did get a few videos though. The sound didn't come out great on 2 of them…but I had the capture some of the experience. We were kinda in and out the rest of the night, spending a lot of time out in the hallways running into some old friends…and making some new ones! Taking Back Sunday and My Chemical Romance rocked the Garden too…both bands shouting out to Drive By during their sets. Got a chance to see Jae, Chris, and Fitz throughout the night…they were so happy. We had an awesome time!! Thank you to everyone who rocked out with us! And to Todd, Fitz, Jae, and Chris…wow…what a night…we are so proud of you! Can't wait to see what's next!

Drive By at Madison Square Garden (part 1)

May 9, 2008. This is a date to remember. Drive By played at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Here's an interesting fact that I realized just days before the big day…Drive By playing at MSG on 5/09/08 was 2 years, to the date, that their first album, "I Hate Everyday Without You Kid…", was released! Many bands never make it to MSG…but our boys did…and it only took 2 years! To everyone who was there, how fuckin sick was that show!?! We got a chance to talk to Chris and Jae the night before the show. They were anxious, nervous, excited and, I think, somewhat still a little taken back by the whole thing. I mean, they knew it was happening, but it was still had to feel unreal. Playing MSG is a big enough deal for bands, but throw in the fact that it's also home to Chris, Jae & Fitz…what a bonus for them to be able to have their family and friends there. I'm not even shocked at the amount of them that showed up to support the guys…they all have an amazing people who love them. The day of the show was crazed! For Natty and me, the hours seemed to drag. We were both awake by 10am and we drove ourselves crazy trying to pass the time. I can't even imagine what was going on their heads! We headed into the city about 4:30, met up with some other people who were heading to the show…the excitement just continued to grow…for everyone. It was raining and cold…hats off to those who waited (some as early as the day before). You kids are crazy…we love it! We hiked it from Grand Central Station to MSG…getting drenched. I live in GA, so it doesn't take much for me to get cold…haha! It was actually funny to walk around NY in the rain, especially considering the thousands of umbrellas everywhere…it was like a game…weaving through them all, trying not to get whacked in the head or running your umbrella into other umbrellas!


Finally, after what feels like a lifetime. The wait is OVER! Drive By's first music video for "Boring" was debuted 4/7/08 on Buzznet.com. Check it out here: http://www.buzznet.com/video/featured/play/2912161/drive-boring-buzznet-exclusive/ Their new album, " A Delicate Situation" dropped on 4/8/08. If you can't find it in stores, head over to Amazon.com or iTunes! We can't even begin to tell you all just how AMAZING the new album is! It's definitely one that you can listen to over and over and over again. If you don't believe us, then maybe you'll believe this message posted by Mikey Way (of My Chemical Romance)... "Hello to all, The other day, I was given the new Drive By record by my dear friend Todd Price. For those of you who are unfamiliar, he sings and plays guitar in the band. I had been eagerly awaiting this record quite some time. Their initial release floored me. It's everything about music that I love. Amazing and honest rock songs. Todd has the uncanny knack to write the kind of chorus that I'm jealous. Upon listening to their record "A Delicate Situation" I was knocked on my ass once again, and I expected nothing less. If this band isn't gigantic by the end of the year, then there's no justice in the world.. On april 8th, " A Delicate Situation" in released and I recommend you all make a B line to the record store and grab one. The songs are sure to be ingrained in your skull for quite some time. Regards Mikeyway"

Drive By's 2008 U.S Tour kicked off...first stop...SXSW in TX!

It's official...the guys have hit the road. The guys headed to Austin, TX for the SXSW Music Festival. Here's some words from Chris Perino about the experience: "South by Southwest, what a crazy day! We rolled into town at around 8am, and there was already a line outside the venue we were playing. We were pretty stoked to see some friendly faces there to greet us when we got there. After finding our parking spot, we walked around the corner to get some breakfast, where i had a banana, and some V8. (i like to start my mornings with fresh fruit when i can.) Then we wondered back to the van and hung out outside the venue and watched the streets fill as the day got started and the sun got hotter. We were stoked to see a bunch of our friends from bands that we have toured with in the past, and a few faces from the Riot Squad family. Our show was absolutely packed, Tiger Lou (a band from Sweden) kicked off the show at Red7 on our outdoor stage. We followed up their set, and got the crowd rockin’. After we played came Gaslight Anthem, then Dead to Me, Paint it Black, and of course Hot Water Music closed out the day. Unfortunately for us we couldn’t stay for the whole show, we pretty much played our set and got all of our stuff packed up and got out of Austin as quickly as possible before it got too hectic to get anywhere. Before we left however we did an interview with our boys from MACBETH. so make sure you keep checkin out their website and myspace for updates from south by southwest because they also filmed our set, so hopefully they will post a little of that somewhere, but we will keep you up to date! Ok i gotta run the van is about to leave our motel. Be safe and we will post again when we get back to LA. Peace out! Chris P." Go to Drive By's myspace (http://www.myspace.com/driveby) and check out some pics the guys have posted! You can also watch Drive By's TV spot for the upcoming album, tour and video!! Don't forget to check out Fitz's personal blog for more pics and stories of their adventures. (http://www.iamfitz.blogspot.com/) The tour with My Chemical Romance and Billy Talent starts on March 29 in Tuscon, AZ. But until then, the guys have 4 shows with different bands...and then the Tempe Music Festival in Tempe, AZ.


Drive By is currently in L.A., where they have just finished filming the music video for "Boring". They are staying busy practicing, hanging out and getting ready for the upcoming tour. The guys are heading out this week! More dates are being added all the time, so keep checking back! Most of the shows are with My Chemical Romance and Billy Talent, however, they will be playing with other bands on some. If you live on the West Coast, you should definately try to make it out to Bamboozle Left. It's a 2 day music festival in Irvine, CA. (Some of the other bands that will be performing are: My Chemical Romance, All American Rejects, Paramore, Jimmy Eat World, Finch, Billy Talent, Pierce the Veil, Hawthorne Heights, Chiodos, Armor For Sleep, Escape the Fate and many, many more). If you live on the East Coast, you should definately head over to Madison Square Gardens on May 9, 2008. Drive By will be playing, as well as, My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday. Wanna know what the guys are up to? Then check out Fitz's personal blog (http://www.iamfitz.blogspot.com/) for stories and pics!

Listen to Drive By's new album!

Check out the entire album, "A Delicate Situation" here: http://ilike.com/artist/Drive+By/

New album...video...tour...

Here we go! Drive By's second album, "A Delicate Situation", will be hitting stores April 8, 2008! The guys are extremely EXCITED and PROUD about the new material!!! They've been practicing a lot and have really grown musically. Check out their new song, "Boring" on their myspace. (http://www.myspace.com/driveby) They will also be recording their FIRST music video for this song in March. As for touring, dates have finally been confirmed. Drive By will hitting the road with My Chemical Romance & Billy Talent next month. Once venues have been confirmed, the tour schedule will be posted here. Until then, you can check out the dates on Myspace.com. The guys are also scheduled to play in some upcoming music festivals: Bamboozle Left in California, South by Southwest in Texas and Bamboozle in New Jersey. Tracklisting for the new album: 1. Thank you 2. The day that you decide 3. Catacombs 4. Please, Please 5. Where did I go? (Part of the team) 6. One thing 7. Dear Mom & Dad 8. It's the same 9. Boring 10. America (chasing ghosts) 11. I am a refugee Also, check out our page (http://www.myspace.com/drive_by_street_team) for tons of new pics we've put up of the guys from their tours/shows in 2006-2007! STAY TUNED...

What's new so far for 2008?

This year has definately started with a bang!! Todd's been lending his hand in the music world. He produced Hunter Smith's (http://www.myspace.com/huntersmith) debut album, which will be released by Riot Squad Records later this year. He also produced and engineered Street Crime's (http://wwww.myspace.com/streetcrimemusic) debut album. Jae's been hard at work and helping out on drums for Street Crime. Chris even pitched in a little on bass! Perino's also busy taking pictures (http://www.myspace.com/thisisart2me), drawing and working on his clothing line with friend, Anthony Gaeta (http://www.myspace.com/rebirthart). The official line for ReBirth is up and they're taking orders. Check it out! Fitz has started a new blog (http://www.iamfitz.blogspot.com/), so go poke around his head a bit! There's also a new clothing line courtesty of Danny Fitz (http://www.zazzle.com/iamfitz). Help support the kid...order stuff!

The rest of 2007...at a glance

First of all I'd like to apologize for not keeping up with this site. Alot is going on right now with the guys, but before we get into that...here's how 2007 finished! After getting back from the land down under in April, Drive By took a little time off, which didn't last long. In May, the guys were in NJ to play Bamboozle. This annual Jersey music festival was amazing...2 days...120 bands...rain, snow or shine event. Lots of other amazing bands included: My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, Paramore, Madina Lake, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The Audition, Armour For Sleep, M.C. Hammer, Boys Like Girls, Hit The Lights and many, many more! The guys also finished out the last leg of the Billy Talent tour. On June 23rd, the guys played a benefit concert for Laura Ahrenberg, who was diagnosed with cancer, in New York. The night was a huge success! More than 10 bands came out to play and over $4000 was raised. In September/October, the guys spent some time at the Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO to record for the new album! Check out Drive By's page (http://www.myspace.com/driveby) for pics of the experience. The guys got to finish out the year spending time with their family and friends for the holidays!

They're home...for now!

OK...so the guys are back home from touring. First, they were in the land down under. From the middle of February, to the beginning of March, they performed at the SoundWave Festival...as well as some sideshows with MXPX. Check out the Lil Drive Bys [AU] for stories and pics. http://www.myspace.com/driveby_streetteamau. Then the guys hit the road with Billy Talent & Cancer Bats for a U.S. Tour. It was a great tour...hopefully you got a chance to make it out to a show! Check out the Lil Drive Bys [US] for pics and videos. http://www.myspace.com/drive_by_street_team. Next up....Bamboozle in NJ...May 5th & 6th! Come out and support the guys. There's gonna be GREAT music...2 days...120 bands...can't pass that up!