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The Beginning Of The Endless Search For Oblivion-Entry 1

Preface 2220 A.D. winter Dania, FL USA Entry 1-Abnormal Occurrences

I’m a music dealer, and a bored one at that. No one had stopped by my place in months. I saw 3 locals the other day and they waved. They know me. I know them. We all know each other and not many people inhabit this area or to my knowledge too many others. I could be wrong about that but I’m skeptical about a lot of things. One thing I’ve got going for me in particular is energy control, which puts me at the top of the barrel. I’m not particularly well liked or disliked. You’d think that being a music dealer would bring joy and happiness but in truth no one has time for that. You want a house? Take your pick…They are all rotted out and have been in that state longer than I can remember. It took me two and a half years to get this fronton into any working condition and it still sucks. The other day, some kid stopped by here in his scuba gear and I showed him around the place. He didn’t seem interested in all of the feeds and screens. Not like they were working anyway, but he was talking about how he was daring and an explorer and I sensed that he was a good person. This was confirmed when my rival Persona Nongratitus stole one of my concubines and the kid soon thereafter stole a few of the swine’s lovelies and brought them back to the house for a party. Libations are never are hard to come by and the laws are handed out by the Authoritator and his concubines, many of which I have stolen. That’s a better record than I have with following the law. Hey, legit dates are hard to come by. Anyway, they used to play a competition called Jai Lai here and the guys who did were famous. Free meals and rides in motorcars. It was all a hustle but people had fun back then. There was street traffic if you could imagine that. It was the mid 1970’s. I’m well read. I know about all these things. All I do is peruse used records and books in rundown shops and vacant houses. Somebody has to. They call me Fist. I’m generally left alone to my own devices but I’ve been feeling restless and the kid says he has a discovery that he’s made…He needs energy…He needs my help and likes music, so we're in business. His proper name is Agenta Aquaphibius . Has intense interest in oceanic life but is not the smartest crack in the corner. This will be risky, but hey, I’m a music dealer. And I’m bored like everyone I know.

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Leibowitz and Ethikool Tunes team up to make a difference

Leibowitz and Ethikool Tunes team up to make a difference for the needy youth of Africa and the UK. Download Guitar For Money here: http://ethikool.co.uk/. Looking for a responsible US outfit that does the same ASAP (other countries too) as the album is about world survival..too fitting to not do something like this.

Here is more about how the charity is structured:


-Management..... i.e. Josh (Leibowitz)

2nd album well underway

Thanks to all of you who have been into the music. I enjoyed making Guitar For Money so much that Tony and I are at it again, making the 2nd one...The Beginning Of The Endless Search For Oblivion...It's futuristic and funky and dare I say, a bit psychedelic. Martin Kornick will again do the artwork. The story is 100% fictional and it's been fun writing against it...Lava lamps and scuba gear required.


Polishing the work

Yo. Yo!!!!! It's early in the US eastern morning and as usual I've been up since 5 AM working on various projects and thinking about music. It seems like these days I have more ideas for songs and concepts than hours in the day which is a good but frustrating thing. The enemy is always the blank page...a peaceful yet elusive enemy...but sometimes the thoughts and ideas come so thick and fast that if they aren't captured and recorded in some way (even written down counts) the idea is at risk of being lost forever. Music is a funny thing. I think when people listen to music in large quantities for many years they carry certain themes in them that they want to get across with original compositions. I think that's how music generally evolved over the years. Anyway, when I practice and play and record...I imagine packed concerts with me and a band onstage and people dancing and having fun in the crowd but in reality...I enjoyed doing the first web streamed concert on Ustream.com. As is the case on ReverbNation, LeibowitzMusic is where the action will be at forthcoming and sometimes I will stream unannounced and perform for whomever happens to be there, if anyone...The landscape of this musical world is changing. That being said, I can't imagine any of you dancing in front of your laptops with this stuff so I'd better get to a real stage soon...and you better show up! Anyway, with a whole 2nd LP written and the current state of music more in tune with individual song releases, I might do a song a month during the production of The Beginning Of The Endless Search For Oblivion...There will be so much music coming it's not funny..if things go my way. Oh, by the way...I'm interested in meeting drummers in the S FL area that already like the tunes and kind of get a feel for where I'm heading with this stuff. Please email Josh@STEMarketingSolutions.com with all inquiries for an audition or just to rap about music!

Much Love and Thanks For Your Support,


Guitar For Money-Live and Acoustic

Hi There,

Leibowitz here. It's been a crazy couple of months. Got a bad case of the shingles that halted music production but allowed me to polish off writing for the 2nd LP, The Beginning Of The Endless Search For Oblivion...and start to rev up the engine for some solo acoustic shows of the Guitar For Money set. Paring the songs down to solo format from a 3 piece electric mindset (as on the LP) has been fun...certainly challenging as I want to get the same intensity and vibe minus many tracks! I've seen it done before so I figured why not? Most of the songs were written on the same guitar I'm playing the shows with in the first place...made by Martin. I might opt for the A.C. Zemaitis for kicks now and again as it's too pretty not to play in front of people.

I am virtually unknown as an artist and performer, despite playing small opening or mid-set spots for local acts throughout the years. From the start, I've mainly played my originals (for beer and scotch--good scotch mid you) with a cover or 2 thrown in. This was seemingly light years before I dreamed or realized that I would have a full LP or 2 worth of stuff to play.

This first round of performances will be showcasing the songs from Guitar For Money over the internet through U Stream in conjunction with other streaming video channels. It is possible that the 30-40 minute slot will not allow me to play the entire show so I am figuring out a way to condense or expand as needed to get the most important elements in. In other words, there may or may not be shows done of G4M in its entirety. I might opt to play 1st and 2nd parts of the show split up between 2 weeks..we shall see...Stay tuned and THANKS for caring about what I'm up to. I hope you like the music and the upcoming performances. 1st one is Sunday January 23rd, time TBD. Follow on Twitter if ya like for all the latest--@LeibowitzMusic

Have a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year!

What the hell is Guitar For Money anyway?

Guitar For Money is an optimistic look at disastrous times..Essentially about learning to get on with what you have to get on with...No money, no problem? Got a problem with me or my life? No problem. What are you going to do about it? Maybe a problem...Too much violence and not enough recognition that we are all the same and don't want to be poor, hungry or afraid...from Harlem to Afghanistan, from Alaska to Boynton Beach...With the eyes of the world on the world through the internet and very little left to squabble over that hasn't already been squabbling over for lifetimes, this lifetime has a shot to be the turning point for humanity, as bleak as it looks sometimes. A lot of people miss that and it's easy to with the news and the bullshit tabloids being forced down our throats..Guitar For Money will be available for purchase in February 2011. The incredible artwork on the cover was done with love by Martin Kornick and when I saw it I knew that the musical end of the finished product had better be f*n as great as the artwork.

The latest...

Tony Livadas is the secret weapon of Leibowitz. Lately, we've been adding more textures and more synths and piano are required....This stuff isn't all straightforward so there's communication involved. I have to say, the creative process isn't always easy...but it's been fun from the word go and I think it's reflected in the music. My usual approach is to have things 80% done by the time we record and sometimes that's just not going to happen...So we've been leaving the sessions looser on occasion to make room to do some things that we normally wouldn't lay down had something been fully scripted. Among the work that has come from that is SoFlaaaa So Good, that Tony and I co-wrote and recorded in a 3 hour session..His flexibility in style and taste for Latin flavor--something that I enjoy but hadn't written against...had me replaying the track for hours...Anyway, we're on a roll and I don't even know where the brakes are...